Releasing the Old to Embrace the New: A Goodbye of Sorts..

When you choose to open your heart to love fully, The magic of the moment stays with you forever. When I create in life, I honor natural flow by investing my energy into that which I would like to magnify; all that I would not like to magnify sloughs off naturally.  As I place my […]


Abundance is a State of Being

When I am fully Aware and present in this moment: to all that I have versus all that “I do not have”.. I am gifted with abundance. When I choose to create from an overflowing well of gratitude, I may use all that is available to me *right now*.. And create something nourishing for my entire being.  When […]


Celebrating Spaciousness on Land

Thank you for choosing to share energy in this space!  When I allow movement to create new and different within my life, I am embracing my Heart Truth and allowing Faith to guide each step.  Among the many very recent changes in my life, the children and I just yesterday moved off of our boat and onto […]


Stepping Out of My Box

When I open my mind and allow my Being to travel… through fear, beyond doubt, past resistance.. I effortlessly release my “old story”…step out of my box.. (of preconceived notions, constraint, restrictions, self-imposed limitations…) and am welcomed into Light, Flow, Joy.. abundance… infinite possibility. Each day is ours to create within.  Sometimes we label a […]


The Magic of the Day

Happy Day! When we stand in stillness and turn to the sun.. We are offering Self to World. When we close our eyes and breathe in the fresh air, We are opening our heart to this very moment, exactly as it is. When we reach beyond fear and doubt and: Absorb Warmth into our very […]


Living Love

Hello. Welcome to the “Unfolding” is a pleasure to share energy with you here! “May you look into the mirror & say: “I love you. I appreciate you. May you then allow self to Feel loved and appreciated.” “…From an early age, I was taught to “dim my light” to fit in, so that […]

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How Do You Wish to Be Loved?

Hello. Welcome to the “Unfolding” is a pleasure to share energy with you here! Today is “Wishcasting Wednesday” at Jamie Ridler Studios  .  The question is: How do you wish to be loved? When you stand in stillness, and Honor silence.. When you look beyond what is visible, To all that is reflected to […]