Joy’s “Story”…

A Bit About the Woman Named Joy

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?” Marianne Williamson

You will find my personal beliefs about life and this blog through this link About Joy.  As it states on my “about” page,  I am a woman having a love affair with the world! 

I choose to embrace this moment fully; in order to do so, I have released my past.  That past includes having been stolen by my mother when I was an infant, then later abandoned by her.  Growing up in a household governed by manic depression.  Losing my virginity at age 19 to a violent stranger rape.  Knowing my ex husband for 16 years then choosing Divorce.  Then being in an abusive relationship for three years losing not only much of my Spirit, but also creating havoc with my finances and my life..  

I made the choice to step out of chaos into peace.  I made the choice to gather my resources to address Fear, heal my internal wounds, process my lessons.  I made the choice to make the time for an intensive year to be home with my children, to heal and grow and learn, to eat well, rest well, listen to my body, spend time in nature, interact with my friends.  In the years since, I continue to honor that choice each and every day.  

The Fall of 2009, I was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer…in the midst of doing everything “right” I received this diagnosis.  As the mother of my children and a woman having a daily ‘love affair with the world’ I decided to face this as I have faced everything else in life..with Faith and Grace.. I chose to continue to create daily, to love fully, to appreciate the beauty surrounding me.  I chose to heal my body with a combination of chakra healing and a minimal scale surgery.  I am blessed to be who I am and where I am today.. 

I share this with you, so when I say I have been there..I *truly have*.. 

I grew up with horses and wanted to be a horse trainer.  I also enjoyed all aspects of farming.  I gravitated toward the ocean, eventually finding my way from Upstate NY to Savannah, GA, to So CA where I currently live on a sailboat.  I am an avid sailor–I learned to captain, have chartered locally, have participated in the local race circuit.  I work full time in the local hospital.  I also have my own life coaching business because I greatly enjoy guiding others to live the life of their dreams.  I relish my role as mother of my greatest joy is the time we spend together.  I spend lots of time in nature..on the ocean, in the local hills, at a farm about two hours away.  I am outgoing, enthusiastic, ready for adventure….  

I have chosen a life of peace..I currently reside in a beautiful marina on a sailboat named “Ethereal Joy” with my two young children.  The sky is my ceiling, the ocean my backyard, the local hills my walls, the islands my playground.  I fall asleep with the moon shining through my v-berth hatch window, and the stars glistening off of the water around me.  Utter peace.   

I am a Light worker.  I have always had this Light, along with a gift of clarity.  As an Empath, I know who you are, I can hear you beyond what you share, my Being sees your Being.  I reflect your best to you; sometimes a ‘best’ that you are not yet Aware of, or a ‘best’ that you are unable to see. I believe in a God who guides me–I place my hand in His throughout my journey.  I believe in the Universe Energy and Abundance. I believe in the natural cycles of the Earth.  I believe that my heart is my compass, and holds all of the Answers.  It is my job to have done the work to be ready to process the answers, to be quiet enough to listen, and observant enough to see.   

I cultivate peace, love, joy, beauty, creativity, truth..I live the life of my dreams by allowing my heart to remain open to the moment as it is presented to me, and the Universe to work magic by meeting me where I step and matching that step in wonder filled ways..I love fully–people, nature, art in all forms, music, food, travel, stories…and I embrace adventure and thrive in risk taking..I am a butterflies and glitter girl very much appreciative of all in my life and ready to share to allow you to experience the very best within your own life..

I am grateful for the Abundance around me.  Each and every day that gratitude grows.  

I am honored to have been featured on Evolving Beings–click the link to read in-depth about my philosophy of life.  

All that is within this space reflects my beliefs.  My life is as magical as I allow it to be; and I am full of gratitude for every moment of it.  I would not change any of it for it is all part of the richly woven tapestry that is me..  

Thank you for being a part of my journey.  Your insight and your comments are welcome.  My coaching page offers suggestions on how I may best serve you.  Please email me at if I may serve you in any way.

Much peace…..


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