Clarity Sessions with Joy

The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.  ~Benjamin Disraeli

I have a gift. Called Clarity. 

And I have a promise.  Called Transparency.

And you have abundant riches in all areas of your life!

But you have not fully experienced abundance  (or you wouldn’t be reading this).

I will combine clarity and transparency to reflect to you

the barrier that holds you back from experiencing abundant magic:

in your career, relations, creative endeavors, finances, spiritual awareness.

Together we will identify your heart whispers,

allow them to roam free,

to make your dreams your reality.

Your life is as magical as you allow it to be!

It is my pleasure to reflect that magic to you!

Skeptical?..try it out..Each new subscriber to this site receives

a free one week email clarity session.

Already a subscriber and interested in experiencing abundant magic?

Email me at

In the words of the Black Eyed Peas: “Let’s Get it Started”.

Would you like to know a bit about me before we begin?  From my heart to yours:

I am an artist, a Creator…of each and every moment of my life.  I choose to celebrate each moment fully as it is presented to me.  I decorate the moment with all that I love so that the moment is one that delights my senses.   I choose to clean space within my life and then celebrate that wide open space and sit back as magic is placed into it.  Together we shall discover what space needs cleaning, how to clean it within your life then maintain that cleanliness, how to best decorate it, and how to incorporate peace into the moments while you are waiting.

I believe that Life is a beauty filled experience.  Life is to be savored, enjoyed, relished.  Each and every moment.  I also believe that Life is as peace filled, joy filled, love filled as I allow it to Be.  I will share with you techniques such as affirmations, positive thinking, dream boards to enrich your creativity and allow you to be most comfortable expressing your heart whispers.  Perhaps first we shall discover what your heart whispers are…I will share with you techniques to recognize peace, embrace peace, and grow peace..within the busyness of society and the time constraints of a day.

These might be familiar and comfortable concepts for you.  These might be very uncomfortable, very foreign concepts to you.  It is my purpose in life to share peace filled, joy filled, love filled moments so that *you* may know them and learn how to incorporate them into your life.  When you wake in the morning, I would like for you to wake content and ready to embrace the day.  When you fall asleep at night, I would like for you to look back upon the day and feel content, happy, peace..perhaps even gratitude, awe, all that you’ve experienced.   I will share with you techniques on how to allow for natural unfolding in your to wake rested and to fall asleep content and peace filled.

I believe that labels are what we humans use to try to understand a feeling.  I generally do not like to use labels..I’d rather share an experience label free.  However, so that you may have an understanding of what type of work I do, I shall use a few labels you may be familiar with.  Upon meeting me, whether online or in person, I request that the person throw away the labels, turn off their mind, open their hearts, and let their senses experience.  I believe this is how we are meant to live. 

 As an empath with a gift of clarity, I can look into your inner core and See you.  I can hold your hand, or experience your energetic field and Feel you.  I can listen to you speak, or read your written words and Know you. I go deep into your inner core, and Love you–right there–right where you are.  I Know your wounded place..and together we will allow Love to heal it.

As a Light worker..I believe in *Love*.  Genuine, heart based, unconditional Love.  I do not believe this love is to be earned, or is merit based..I believe it is to be found in abundance, and the way to receive it is to open our hearts to it.  It may be scary to open your heart…it may be something you’ve not done yet in may be something you’ve done before and been hurt…it may be something you’ve done before and had limited success with. Together, we will travel to your inner core and find your nugget of your love, polish it, then nourish it and allow it to grow.  I will guide you on how to open your heart, moment by moment, and to receive the goodness that is placed within it.

As one who believes in magic.. I know without a doubt that *you* are perfectly made as you are, exactly as you are in this moment.  I know that the Universe abundance, magic, miracles (whatever you’d like to label it) is right here at your fingertips waiting patiently for you to acknowledge it.  I also know that it may be difficult to believe in that which you cannot see, or something that you may think applies to other’s lives but not your own.  I share with you techniques to find the magic, to grow the magic, to allow the magic to work wonders in your life.

As a single mom of two young children…I know about timetables, schedules, busyness, responsibility.  I know unpredictability, doubting your parenting abilities, wondering if you are the only one who has a child that has this certain experience.  I know the joys of motherhood well, I know the sorrows of doubt well.. Together we will enhance joy. 

As a woman who follows her heart.. I know about faith versus fear.  I am unique, much different than most you’ve experienced because my life is heart based in a pretty mind based world.  I allow my heart to lead me to places that some might consider bold, daring, brave, adventurous, *foolish*, fun….I will lead you to new and exciting places..where you will experience all that *amazing* means…

As a child of God and the Moon..I know that God is holding my hand and the Universe holds my Being..and *anything* is absolutely possible.  Absolutely.  In my spiritual life, I embrace prayer, meditation, the cycles of the moon.  I am committed to experiencing a heart based, faith based life..I thrive in relating with people, and I thrive in solitude in Nature. Together we may enjoy exploring your beliefs…and allowing them air to breathe. 

As a Creator…I know that this moment it the one that I have, so I will allow for amazing magic to be placed in it.  I create the moment I am in, by choosing whether to embrace it as it is; or to deflect, ignore, bury, disguise, hide it..  I choose to find the positive in every situation, I choose to create with peace, joy, faith, love, hope… Together, we will enhance *your* experience of the positive.

What I offer to you is a combination of intuition, clarity, affirmation, inspiration, encouragement, Light, Love, peace…I offer to you powerful tools to use to create moments of peace in your it is, with the resources you have.   

I will not judge, nor will I condemn…I will love you Fully as you present yourself to me.  I will love you for who you are, and I will accept you for who you are.  We may relate through email, telephone consultations, text, Skype..or a combination..whatever form is ease free and comfortable for you.

I want us to work together to create your joy filled, peace filled ‘dream life’ one moment at a time..because that is my gift..I *want* you to know Love, peace, abundance. 

Please contact me at if I may serve you in any way.  I am currently accepting clients for life based healing and transformational work and am available for motivational speaking engagements. 

Thank *you* for opening your heart to Peace, Love, Joy!

Much peace,




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