Sunday Scene: Surrender to Gratitude

Hello. Welcome to the “Unfolding” is a pleasure to share energy with you here!

To pass through moments of intense pain or vulnerability

I open my heart to the natural beauty around me,

Affirming effortless unfolding as I follow the path I’ve chosen..

I can choose to curse the gathering storm clouds..


I can choose to allow the radiant sunshine to fill my heart,

to feel gratitude for the gift of this moment,

then to create magnificence from that gratitude. 

I look into my life and ask for great clarity as to where I may surrender my will, my expectation…any resistance to movement…any morsel of fear that impedes my steps rather than inspires them. 

Where in my life may I release that which I do know, so that I may fully embrace that which I do not know. 

I see the beauty around me, yet is my vision clear?  Am I wearing blinders, distorting reality with an old story that no longer fits? May I release that old story..or do I squeeze myself into it, causing pain and discomfort to my self and those around me as I invoke struggle?

Do I wake and open my heart to this very day as it is presented…or: am I stuck in the past holding onto a memory/does the anticipation of a future moment dull the Feeling of this one?   

As I move through my day, am I counting my blessings, allowing the bliss of gratitude to fill my heart and color all of my creations? Do I inventory the resources at my fingertips and use them in innovative ways or do I spend my time wishing for more..different..better..?  

Am I allowing a “mistake”, a hurt, a pain to stunt my growth..or do I process through slights and heal my wounds as I continue to embrace Awareness and fill this moment with my presence.

I know my heart leads the way..

Am I willing to surrender to gratitude so that I may experience the glory of this moment?

Much peace and abundant love,


photo credit: Raam Dev

  1. #1 by jannie funster on October 9, 2011 - 10:13 pm

    “wishing for more..different..better..” Dear Joy, this really pinpoints the truth of veering from the gratitude for each moment.

    Wearing blinders, holding onto old stories that impede us is good to contemplate too.

    Ever joyful and unfolding here and it warms my heart!


    • #2 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on October 10, 2011 - 5:55 pm

      So *awesome* that you stopped to experience your energy online:)
      As you reflect, when we release “wishing” and focus on living, gratitude expands…

  2. #3 by Rand on October 9, 2011 - 11:03 pm

    Balance of past, present, and future:

    1. Holding onto a story can be cherishing and re-newing wonderful moments of the past.

    2. Being present now this very moment can illustrate the very new person that you have become.

    3. Sharing your dreams of the future can give clarity to vision, and also provide others a means for perhaps helping you obtain your dreams.

    1a. My ‘Little Brother’ and I had breakfast this morning at ‘A Little Bit More Cafe’ in Leucadia today.

    “Do I inventory the resources at my fingertips and use them in innovative ways or do I spend my time wishing for more..different..better..? ”

    Years ago before work we use to bike 25 miles to the cafe in the early morning for breakfast , and then back after our meal. There is something wonderful about *tradition*, and sharing *stories*… particularly between life long friends.

    2a. Being present at the breakfast table I gained even more insight as to the *new person* he has become after 70,000 nautical miles of sailing on this planet’s oceans.

    3a. As we both learned how we have evolved since the 1980’s we shared our dreams of the future, and seeked advice.

    It is not just… ‘I’…but…*more*…*Friends For Life* on a journey together.

    Thank you Joy…I pray you are doing better.

    Happy Trails,

    • #4 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on October 10, 2011 - 6:00 pm

      As I create in my life, holding onto a story tends to restrict my creations in the *now*…even if I am holding onto a “good” story..that memory may outshine the present moment if I allow it to..or provide the reluctance for me to move forward to create new beauty filled stories..
      Being present in the now is a wonderful way to relate to others..label free..with transparency. I am glad you had time with your friend..all that we see is a reflection of “us” perhaps this newness you Feel with your friend is a newness radiating from within…

      • #5 by Rand on October 10, 2011 - 11:59 pm

        …hmmmm…I think a good belly laugh with a friend over a mutual experience (story) from the past does not add up to holding onto anything that is restricting. I believe it enables new creativity with the releasing of !Stress!. The laugh is an enjoyable laugh…ok…maybe even a *celebration* of life which overflows into abundant joyful newness because I *allow* my past to be recognized also as joyful.

        …I guess I am not the type of person that always wants the newest product put onto the shelf.

        Thanks Joy…we can’t always agree…but thats ok too…we really don’t need to.

        Much Peace…

  3. #6 by Evita on October 10, 2011 - 3:00 pm

    Those are some very heart and soul stirring questions. And ones I appreciated reading today and reflecting on. It appears so many people are processing so much right now, so much coming to the surface to be dealt with, so much change, so much uncertainty.

    And yet, amidst this we have this moment in which as you so beautifully shared we can pick to focus on the storm clouds or the sunshine.

    I choose sunshine 🙂

    • #7 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on October 10, 2011 - 6:05 pm

      You *are* sunshine:)
      These reflections surfaced as I had a choice recently to resist a gift of presence that was perfectly placed..or to release fear and perceived vulnerability to embrace this gift of presence and allow the experience to clarify my vision and enrich my life, As I learn to embrace most fully, it is with wonder that my life opens exponentially…

  4. #8 by Sandra Pawula on October 13, 2011 - 7:04 pm


    There are some amazing questions in this piece. I’m strongly thunderstruck in a beautiful way by your sheer courage when you look and ask:

    “I look into my life and ask for great clarity as to where I may surrender my will, my expectation…any resistance to movement…any morsel of fear that impedes my steps rather than inspires them.”

    Do you realize how courageous you are? How conscious you are? You inspire me greatly.

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