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Hello. Welcome to the “Unfolding” is a pleasure to share energy with you here!

“May you look into the mirror & say: “I love you. I appreciate you.

May you then allow self to Feel loved and appreciated.”

“…From an early age, I was taught to “dim my light” to fit in, so that is what I did..I learned to become “less than” enthusiastic, effervescent, joyfilled so that I wouldn’t stand out in a crowd, I would fit right in wherever I was.  My parents asked me, my friends asked me, my lovers asked me and I accommodated their requests in the hopes that I would feel the love, the peace that I so desired.

As you might imagine, this charade wreaked havoc on my body.  As an empath, I am extremely cognizant of– and sensitive to– emotion.  Where many “think something out”, I naturally “Feel it through”.  These compressed feelings manifested in physical ailments and these physical ailments kept me quite restricted in movement.  Very often, I ‘stayed put’..exactly where I was even though I knew I had gifts and talents that would allow me to soar far past the moon when I chose.

I wonder, can you identify with any of this?  Catering to other’s opinions, the feeling of “less than” or “not enough”, squelching your own dreams so that you may “fit in”, living an ordinary life when you know an extraordinary one is waiting patiently for you to step into….”

The above excerpt and photo are from an article in which I share a piece of my heart led journey through a guest post Living Love.  It is a pleasure to share space with Adrienne Jurado..please click the link to read the rest of the article and join us for a conversation about “Living Love”.

My reflection to you about this particular article:

I wrote the article about one month ago, right before my first of multiple visits to ER, doctors appointments, and various medical tests.  I believe in the mind/body connection, and in applying healing energy to physical ailments. As I put my physical self in the care of Western medicine and honor rest and medications, I am also in the hands of healer friends and prayer circles and my own healing energy.  I am applying self-care: sleeping, choosing foods that will energize my self and provide enlivening nutrients, spending time in fresh air, writing in my journal and healing wounds as they surface.  I am spending time with my children within my constraints; temporarily trading in the rough housing games of tag and running around with Magic pup and riding amusement park rides for time bundled within the boat watching movies or reading, time at the clubhouse drinking tea and being together. 

As I honor my body’s need to heal, I am creating new and different within my life.  I may Feel stagnant, but in pivotal ways I am honoring movement through fear, doubt, barriers, constraint.  I absolutely believe in the importance of mentors and teachers; yet I know the Answer is within, so I spend lots of time in solitude, along water’s edge, in meditation, in quiet.  And I am given the gift of my own words through the “Living Love” own words reflecting to World (and significantly to me)..the exact answer I “need” as I continue to heal. 

That is how the Universe works.  When you ask, you create space, honor your beliefs…you are given the answer in ways you may use to tap into abundance and create magnificent within your life. 

What I have is I would like to express here: I am fascinated by the visual of interconnectedness as I sit under a tree and look up to the sky to see the branches (thick, thin, full of green, barren) or stand out on the dock and look to the blanket of stars across the night sky…I think of you, and I thank you for being you and expressing your self in the ways that you choose to share.  Thank you for the emails, notes, texts, love, prayers, healing energy (all of the various ways you have expressed care) do matter, you do make a difference..and every time you open your heart to share love, it magnifies.  Thank you for choosing to share love. 

I ask you to consider these questions as I consider them within my own life: as you open to sharing love, is there an area in which you may create new and different..perhaps release an “old” idea, belief, that you may fully embrace peace, joy, passion, harmony, transparency?  Is your life as magical as it could be, or are you choosing to block abundance, magic, love because you are choosing to cling to something rather than surrender to infinite possibility?

I have closed comments here, so you may join me as we reflect upon Living Love.

Much peace and abundant love,


Photo credit: Raam Dev

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