Releasing the Old to Embrace the New: A Goodbye of Sorts..

When you choose to open your heart to love fully,

The magic of the moment stays with you forever.

When I create in life, I honor natural flow by investing my energy into that which I would like to magnify; all that I would not like to magnify sloughs off naturally.  As I place my attention on the new, I remove my focus from the ‘old’.  Because I live mindfully aware in the present moment, once I remove my focus, it is almost on par with erasing my memory.  When I choose to say hello it is exuberantly, passionately, joyfully; as I extend this greeting, all that is “old” is receiving an almost imperceptible goodbye….being erased.  

When I choose to open my heart to love you..I am investing into our connection.  I See you fully; it is a joy to connect; an honor to share space.  What we focus upon grows–as I focus my love upon you, you blossom; as you reflect to me, I blossom.  Beautiful connection.  Gratitude overflows within my heart.  The combination of love and gratitude is a potent mixture causing barriers to crumble, wounds to heal, creativity to flow; my heart opens ever farther (yours, too, if you choose).  Even when we no longer share physical space, and I no longer hold the details of you within my mind, this heart opening stays with me always. I may no longer “know you” but I Feel you, etched into the fiber of my being.  Because I create from my heart space, that Feeling infuses all that I create. 

I don’t say goodbye, because we remain connected. I do say “Thank you for allowing me to know you; your presence has greatly enriched my life”.

If you follow my journey through this site, then you are aware that in the past sixty days I have said goodbye to much, including: running, the boat I have lived on for five years, Magic Moonbeam pup, my full-time job (consistent income)..and now this site.  

It is my hope that you know, dear reader and friend, how much your support has enriched my life.  How sharing space through this site has allowed me to blossom into the woman I am today.  Often a blog is one-sided, the author providing words on a page, open for your interpretation.  But, this site has always been one of community..a community in which I was able to experiment creatively, explore the depths of my being, and become who I am today as an energy healer, inspirational writer, an online presence.  You encouraged and inspired me to present to you life enriching and spirit enlivening; in my quest to share with you with my best, I ventured outside of my little box to find an entire Universe waiting with open arms to welcome me to new and different. 

This is what love does, and why some are reluctant to invest fully into it.  Love shares the absolute best to allow us to grow past this container of safety we create as we relate.  Some people wish to stay “in love”/this perceived container of safety so refuse to share completely, or refuse to continue to grow, or even shrink in order to still fit. 

I appreciate that love you share allowed me to stretch..thank you!  And now.. the container no longer fits.

I’ve created a new container:  my new site Facets of Joy.  This site is a bold step for me..still a blog, but also a place to connect through offline events such as meetups and energy parties, a place to find free downloadable resources, and a place to share pieces of my inner core journey through a paid subscription letter. It is my hope that you decide to continue our steps together and to help me decorate this new container with all that your presence allows…   

So, rather than say goodbye to you, dear reader, who has inspired me, encouraged me, motivated me, and supported my work…I would like to extend a warm welcome and share an energetic hug at my new site..

Life is an amazing journey..may all that you have received through our connection inspire you to live peacefully, love fully, and create boldly.

 “Thank you for allowing me to know you; your presence has greatly enriched my life”.

Much peace,


  1. #1 by Angela Artemis/Poweredbyintuition on November 28, 2011 - 1:26 am

    Much luck to you on your new site.
    I’m going to come over and subscribe.

  2. #3 by Aileen | Kaizen Vision on November 28, 2011 - 10:39 pm

    Joy, I truly love watching your unfolding. You live your truth and it’s radiant. Your courage to grow and evolve is inspiring. Your new site is beautiful and invigorating – Love that you’re doing meetup groups and embracing adventurous facets.

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