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A Walk on the Beach

Hello.. Welcome.. Thank you for joining me here, on my comfort beach..the stretch of beach I walk when I want to praise, pray, meditate, allow my heart whispers freedom to roam…The stretch of beach I lay it all down..and allow Mother Nature to fold me into her arms and Love on me..The stretch of beach […]

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Wednesday Wisdom: Unfolding…

Hi.  And welcome..I am truly glad you chose to visit this space! Today I am going to share with you something dear to my heart. I am going to share with you a glimpse of how I allow for unfolding in my life.  If you ask me today to explain the details of my life–such […]

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Monday Blessing: A “Peaceful Easy Feeling”…

Thank you for joining me today..I am so glad you chose to visit! I’m going to introduce perhaps a foreign concept to you. Love, Life, may be–I believe *should be*– peace filled and easy… So many are familiar with “making it work”..but the key is when I allow for natural unfolding, when I allow my heart […]

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Fearless Fun Friday: Freedom

This is my dream board for July 2010.  I hang my board on the biggest wall of the boat, next to my “Ethereal Joy” wall painting, across from my wind chime with the colored glass orbs…When you walk down my stairs, you see (and hear) the wind chime, then my painting, then my wall.  You […]

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