Experiencing Botanical Efflorescence

Hello. Welcome to the “Unfolding” community..it is a pleasure to share energy with you here!

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. 

~Gerard de Nerval

As I was walking through the farmer’s market, these dahlias spoke loudly to me.  The color (vibrant pink, which I normally shy away from), the symbolism of a heart opening (reflecting my current stage in life..one big heart opening), the fragrance (Divine).  I normally do not buy cut flowers, but if I could paint a picture expressing my Feeling of this day, this process that I am embracing,  this flower would be it.  So, I bought the bunch and placed the arrangement on my “special” shelf within the boat..my shelf full of symbols of magic and love and peace.  The gorgeous color lights the interior of the boat, the fragrance spills out the hatch into the cockpit..and I smile each time I look at them. 

I would like to mention that the weather was uncharacteristically cold, the air was wet, the sky heavy with clouds..another day in a span of several days in a row of external that one might label “not lovely”.  I love blue skies and sunshine and warm temperatures, I love sunshine on my face and the gentle breeze on my skin..my essence radiates in these elements.  I chose to live in this area because warm sunshine and gentle breeze is abundant here.  One might say I am beginning to “miss” what is comfortable to me.  What shall I do with “miss”, with the Feeling of discomfort with external circumstances that do not contain what I would like them to?

Carrying my flowers as I made my way through the farmer’s market, I concentrated on all that was in the moment that was pleasing to me:  tasting each delectable fruit, relishing the end of season berries and pluots, savoring the samples of baked goods..the smile on my face matched the smile within my heart.  I felt the abundance in each moment.  I make it a point to speak to the vendors, to know their story; seeing these familiar faces eased my discomfort and added to the abundance of the moment.  The smiles we shared were heartfelt and genuine.  And each smile generated the next.  What a wonderful flow!  I felt Full, Fresh, Radiant!

I share this experience with you as a simple reflection to illustrate how I create the moment by opening my heart to what is, rather than clinging to what is not.   A soul blossoming.

In my life, I am embracing something so new and different, something I have resisted my entire life (telling people I “just do not do that at all”).  I am opening my heart through the discomfort of “miss”, to feeling gratitude for all that is presented in a land of distinctly unknown.  I am honoring a  commitment to my self to break old patterns.  I honor this commitment by releasing old as I embrace creating with new flourishes.  Instead of withdrawing because I am frustrated or discouraged, instead of quitting because I “don’t know how to do this”;  I am opening my heart to stay present to the moment and to create with what is given to me; choosing to *live* rather than merely exist.  By releasing expectation, I am also releasing the struggle and exhaustion of swimming against the tide, I am releasing pain.  By embracing what is presented and learning to create within that realm, I am also embracing peace.  By surrendering to the process, I am allowing my self the pleasure of floating euphorically in the surf, a relief against the strain of expectation.

I think so often we tend to allow external circumstances to dictate our ability to open our heart to this moment as it is.  When external feels “right” we are motivated to create boldly, love fully, express gratitude for what we are presented with. When external feels “not so right” we often withdraw our skill–even our self–as we decide that we would rather not create, nor invest in love, and often bemoan external rather than allow for any type of gratitude.  I choose how I would like to invest my energy: when I choose to share gratitude, abundant gratitude is Felt; when I choose to bemoan external, abundant pain is Felt.    Rather than the pain of struggle, I Feel the ease of acceptance.  My heart smile is genuine even as I lean into discomfort because my moment is so full of love and gratitude that discomfort has no direct bearing on either my ability to create or on what I am creating. 

In matters of  the heart, whatever external circumstance is being presented..someone expresses love, someone releases a connection…tends to travel directly to the core of our hearts.  We forget that we are enough and allow this external to color (or discolor) our moment, our mood, our ability to create.  Our soul, our spirit, our essence blossoms because we allow them to as we choose to open to World as it is.  Our gardens flourish because we continue to plant seeds and to provide nutrients for growth.  

As I write this it is late evening; despite the late hour, sun is now radiant and glorious as it pokes through the heavy clouds.  (Thank you, sun!) A vibrant reminder that when I release expectation, I am presented with much to be grateful for. 

Thank you for sharing this experience with me. 

Much peace and abundant love,


  1. #1 by Rand on September 26, 2011 - 7:29 pm

    Wonderful message Joy!

    While reading your words I had the thought of you baking an apple pie…heating up the inside of your boat…the marvelous aroma you will create on some cold day yet to come…

    • #2 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on September 28, 2011 - 2:25 am

      Ah..the smell of home baked apple pie..fabulous aroma..the smell of comfort and home and connection:) Maybe this is why I love the dahlias so..their burst of color..but also the fragrance that reminds me of all things whimsical and fairie like..”home”…

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