Highlighting Hunger: 800 Million People go to Bed Hungry Every Night

Hello. Welcome to the “Unfolding” community..it is a pleasure to share energy with you here!

Raam Dev, very quietly announced this on Twitter on August 1st. :

“800 million people go to bed hungry every night (300 million of them children).
Today I begin a 7-day fast in gratitude.”
Followed by this:
I’m actually giving all the money I would’ve spent on food, plus any donations I receive, to Action Against Hunger
(Thank you, Raam!) 
Raam is bringing Awareness to a global cause that matters to him, not just with words, but with Action.  Changemakers like Raam are people who identify an injustice, then use their gifts to model Awareness …they are the change..and, like Raam, they are often very quiet and humble with their actions.
Raam’s fast inspires me on many levels.  First, as I mentioned, he is “be-ing” compassionate through action by using his gifts to be change.  But, most significantly, I look at what his Awareness highlights to me within my own life.  I realize that he is not asking me (or you) to fast, but he is asking for our consideration to this pain that exists in the world (our world). I am unable to ignore pain–when processing global pain, I believe in prevention (not adding to the pain with my own carelessness) so I now consider how does hunger affect me, what role does food play in my life, and is there anything I may change within my own life?  
How may we encourage and support Raam?  We will each come to our own conclusions..I realize that I may best encourage and support him by opening my heart to the concept of hunger, and to incorporate into my life the lessons and insights that Raam’s fast reflects to me.
This is what I have learned so far as I follow Raam’s fast:
This morning, work was extremely busy.  I had time to eat one apple.  I had no idea when my next opportunity to eat would be. My first thought was of “not enough”: surely one apple is not enough nutrients to sustain me through this day.  I thought of Raam’s fast, the physical discomfort his body must be feeling as it transitions to this “emptiness”, and the fact that so many people go to bed hungry.  This thought allowed me to access gratitude: thank you for this tart, juicy apple!  I savored each bite, tasting the flavor of the apple, allowing each bite to fill me up. 
When I allow gratitude to fill me, I Feel overflowing abundance in All.
This time one year ago, I was “flexed” off my work (asked to stay home with no pay); the amount of money in my paycheck so small that my family had minimal money for groceries.  There were times I chose to miss a meal–or however many meals necessary–so that my children would have plenty of healthy food…so that they would not feel scarcity. I didn’t ‘worry’ about food, I believe Universe provides, and as long as my children were fed, I was content.  I didn’t think about “lack of” at all..I Felt gratitude that my children always had food, and true joy…Sometimes I would count pennies for lunch, and a co-worker wouldn’t have food, so I would share..or I would have a sandwich and someone would have none, so I would share half.  I Felt abundant, and I shared from that abundance; although to someone looking in, external might not support that Feeling.  The power of gratitude: although I had “little”, I always Felt I had more than enough. 
I also knew that this was a temporary situation, because “flexing off” is seasonal..so I could tolerate hunger because there would be an end.  During this time, we had shelter, we had love and laughter, we had more than “enough”…
Also, during this time, I made the choice to volunteer at the local homeless shelter.  I believe in sharing the resources that I have..and I had plenty of time and love..so I would go to the shelter’s kitchen a few times a week and cook.  As a talented chef,  I know how to flavor food well, and to make a little stretch a long way..it was a joy to share my talents with the people there; and always made me feel grateful for all that I did have; rather than “miss” what I did not. 
So, I think of Raam’s fast and all that it symbolizes and I feel grateful for each step of my journey; I have been hungry, but have not felt the pain or fear associated with “not enough”. 
Fast forward one year later, only to find that my seniority status at work has been corrected so that I receive full paychecks with no flexing.  As I reflect upon my eating habits, I see that sometimes I find that food is so plentiful, I actually take the existence of it for granted.  I think of the money I spend at the farmer’s market, and the produce I throw away weekly because I didn’t eat it before it rotted…I think of how I used to be so grateful for each meal that I took the time to bless it and give praise..and I would savor each bite, like I did my apple today..yet sometimes now I rush through a meal hardly mindful of what I am eating..  How it requires very little to supply nutrients to my body, yet sometimes I stuff myself because something tastes delicious and I “can”.
When I think these things, I am not critical of self; I am reflecting without judgment. I see that I often Feel very Aware; yet in reality, I am not.  I look at all of the areas in life that I might “rush” through..and I set the intention to move slowly, with intent, and allow gratitude (rather than time) to be my guide. I set affirmations that I have more than enough, and I shall allow this feeling of “full” to show me where in life I may share more generously.  I see with great clarity that within my life I do not allow myself to experience true “hunger” –that base desire that motivates change and inspires movement–so I shall process this reflection and allow it to guide me to new and different.  
May you decide how you may best support and encourage Raam’s fast..and may you allow the insights from his decision to be change to inspire you to explore, experiment, and “be” within your own life..
Thank you for allowing me to share this with you today! 
Much peace,
  1. #1 by Jeet on August 4, 2011 - 12:30 pm

    It is true – it feels a lot more satisfying when we accept with gratitude what we have and learn its true value instead of focusing on what we would rather have. Thank you for sharing, and I’m happy that you’re aware of the above difference! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

    • #2 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on August 7, 2011 - 7:47 am

      Hi Jeet,
      When I allow gratitude to fill my moment, I am fully tapped in Flow and Feel that abundance.
      Thank *you* for your reflection:)

  2. #3 by Rand on August 4, 2011 - 7:35 pm

    Yes…that “size 16 boot” landing onto the stomach.

    After the tempest on the 38 foot Cheo Lee down on the Coral Sea…the experience that gave me graditude for my daughters and for just having a roof over my head… I came back and lived in a 6 foot x 10 foot living area with no heating or hot water. I had a fold up cot that I slept on. The good thing was that I was indoors and had food to eat.

    I had plenty of money in the bank saved for buying the house that I would share with my daughters and mentally challenged brother a year and a half later.

    Working three jobs was not enough to save the house from forclosure. All of medicine and experts were not enough to save my brother from leaving this world.

    My “Little Brother” who I sailed with…brothers out at sea that saved each other…saved me from being out on the street.

    During this period what I had in my little refregerator would have to do for one week. During this period $15 to $20 dollars would have to do for one week.

    Presently I am humble and thankful for my little home, my daughters, my little brother, my friends, my *senority* at work, my food, my time to enjoy life, and my being here to “embrace” *all* with love.

    I will not take on the *action* of fasting as my work is far to dangerous to risk my life, and the lives of others due to low blood sugar, lack of strength, or lack of consentrated awareness.

    I will continue to change my diet back to more of a vegetarian one.

    I am so appreciative that The San Diego Convention Center and the surrounding major hotels donate mass amounts of food daily to the homeless shelters.

    I will ask a co-worker that has worked with the homeles if I may come with him and also help.

    Joy thank you for bringing Raam Dev’s awareness of human hunger in this world to your site. This is an ancient problem that effects all life on this planet. We humans with so much intelligence just have not been able to figure this problem out yet.

    Someone like you,

    • #4 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on August 7, 2011 - 7:49 am

      Hi Rand,
      I respect Raam for not just using words to promote a cause he is passionate about, but for modeling the change for us..We tend to allow global issues to be “someone else’s problem” instead of being accountable for transformation.
      Thank you for considering options within your life that promote change 🙂

  3. #5 by Sandra Pawula on August 6, 2011 - 5:15 am

    Thank you for bringing awareness of Raam’s fast and the intentions behind it to more of us. I always know I can come here and find inspiration and intelligence! My relationship with food is complex so I appreciate your reminders of how we can relate to it positively. As always, slowly down is a potent step!

    Thinking of you with love.

    • #6 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on August 7, 2011 - 7:54 am

      Hi Sandra,
      I believe food has become far more to many of us than simple nutrients to fuel our bodies.
      What really speaks loudest to me is that Raam made the decision to act, rather than to just speak; how many of us use words (which is awesome!) and then follow those words with action….so often we contribute to noise, when instead we could quietly be the change, as Raam has chosen to do in this case. I wonder where I can follow his example in my life?
      I receive your love joyfully and graciously and send to you the peace of the pre-dawn harbor and the magic of the moonbeams:)

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