Journey to My Inner Core



Welcome to my peace filled space.  It is my pleasure to share energy with you here:)

Captures my Inner Core: My children at my favorite beach framed by a gorgeous sky


 The last few days have been ultra busy my head barely touched the pillow..less than ten hours sleep total in three days…

 My essence craves simplicity, cleanliness, when I see life getting busy and clutter piling up in my space I know I am avoiding something internal.  My heart has been trying to speak, but I didn’t want to listen.

Why not?  Truth– though essential to the authenticity I allow in my life– sometimes moves me in a direction that feels like stretching…sometimes I don’t feel ready or adequate to stretch in such a way so I dig my feet deep in the solidness of busy..

(something along the lines of I can’t *move*, I’m clearly stuck)..

I promise my self transparency in all once I notice this busyness, this reluctance to listen..I share transparency with my self.  I slow down, I take the time and care to love my self as gently and carefully as I love others.  I sit in silence and I say: Thank you for being patient..I See you….I love you..and I am here to Listen. 

(In my own journey, I release layers to release self. In order to joyfully release this layer to the Universe..I love on self, kind of “blessing” the that what I share with Universe is as pure as possible…and what I receive back into this new space of nothing is pure…one day I will be pure *nothing*)

When I Listen to self, I allow it to be a safe place..I do not judge or criticize..I just listen and Feel what is being expressed.

please, tell me, I really do want to know..

On this beautiful sunny morning, blue skies above, Magic pup lounging on the couch beside me, music on my Itunes, I took my djembe drum and began to play.  My friend has drums that are phenomenal to use, over the top fun…and for a few moments I wanted to use those instead (that is me wishing to borrow my friend’s strength, thinking my own is not enough).  Instead of hiding, I opened my space, let in all that I love..and began to play my own drum, expressing my own heart whispers surfacing slowly at first, then quickly and assuredly…

I played and played..and I listened…

It’s *my beat*…my expression..

Thank you for listening (rhythm), thank you for loving (gentle beats), thank you for being you (quick repetitious beats of joy)..thank you..

My life is built upon love and heart wide open to World and the myriad ways it wants to delight me.  (World wants to delight you, you let it?)..

This is what my heart said:

Sometimes my precious give to others that which I have been trying to place into your life.  I watch incredulously as you give away the very gift you have asked for..and I thank you for your generosity and wait patiently until you are ready to receive this nutrient for your own garden.  

What if you allow me to fully express myself..what if you traveled to my inner core and created all in your life from this area..what would your life Feel like?

I think you’ve bought into this global story inner core is full of stuff freakin buried forever ugly gaping crusty messy you tend to avoid inner core..

But..what if you get to inner core and find peace, joy, love, creativity, passion..what if you promise to be transparent in  your relations, expressive with your emotions..What if instead of wandering you stayed put..or instead of insisting you allowed for..or instead of seeking you found…

What if you realized that all that you desire is already right here..within your your fingertips..excited for the moment you open your space to receive it…

What if in this complex world of so very much.. eating a ripe juicy explode sweet juiciness in your mouth berry was absolutely satisfyingly enough

You search and you bury deny avoid..and when you are afraid you push away Love because it helps you to avoid this Inner Core…

What if you loved (World, self, others, Universe, Divine), no holds barred..each and every moment…

You laughed and whooped and painted and wrote and sang and made love and sat under the stars because their brilliance speaks to you…

What if you opened your heart fully and found: Love…

(noticeably absent: fear, doubt, worry, stress, drama…noticeably present: peace)

What if you inner core is love..absolute..pure, genuine, lights your life..Love…

In my opinion, that is what scares people (me) shitless..more than perceived pain, suffering, drama..which many (me) are so comfortable with because it is what we (me) know so well..What if we find love..enriches your life, moves your Spirit, encourages you to soar, folds you in, inspires you to create, laugh, dance, sing, fly..

(Did you know you can fly? You can!).

What if our inner core is something to embrace and enjoy rather than to fear and avoid..

What if we said: “Thank you, I love you” with the joy, confidence, hope, glory that we feel inside…

What if…

Would you dare to go there with me? 

inspired by Raam Dev Heart Growth

Much peace,


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