Passion Series: b who you want to b.


Welcome!  Thank you for exploring this subject of *passion* with me! 

As I open my heart to passion I am rewarded with gifts of pleasure that ignite my essence, my spark, my self…

I find my self asking for more than I could ever imagine..and I find my self graciously receiving more that I could ever imagine into my life.

To truly remain open to passion means that daily I am open my heart to that which is a bit outside of my comfort zone; for to invite passion into my life, I pretty much stand unguarded and ready to experience.  When I stand unguarded, Universe is able to lovingly give to me abundance like I have never known..and I am able to See how each experience provides momentum for the next..even as I am living it!

To live joyfully in the *now*, I cast aside doubt, fear, worry, and focus my energy on all that is whole, life enriching, sustaining. 

I honor practices which enliven my senses and propel me forward; I embrace that which speaks with clarity to me.

I ask Universe to thrill me, and Universe does!

Today’s post is an example of how Universe thrills me..when I ask for *wow*! and allow for unfolding. 

I’ve been intrigued by spoken poetry events..have passed some links along to my friends.  One friend passed along a link to me that in essence transformed my life..

The link to:  Mikel Dixon.  In his about me video he says he is a musician, writer, entrepreneur, lover, dreamer, believer and creator of the b. movement.  His about me video captivated me, intrigued me so much that I immediately read and listened to all on his site. 


I am drawn to mykel because he  is young, talented and charismatic.  The format he uses on his site is an intriguing combination of insights shared through: music, written word, poetry and video.  He is clear about his vision, shares his creativity by allowing us access into his studio space as he records music..what he shares speaks directly to my heart.   His work reflects to me the places where my own might be stale and need some well as the places where my own has a spark which may ignite when I allow it to. 

When I find someone who is as passionate as I am about living life authentically..fully..joyfully celebrating the abundance and gifts we have been given..who exudes positive energy, is talented, witty,  charming, absolutely electric!!  I give praise to God/Universe for all that they reflect to me..and then I write to them to let them know how they inspire me.  I asked mykel for an interview because I know his work will enrich your life..I gave mykel the freedom to answer the questions at his leisure in any method he chose..and I asked mykel to thrill me. 

(What is passion then?  Authentically, fully, joyfully celebrating the abundance…absolutely electric…praise!)

You did it, mykel…you thrilled me!  My pleasure, indeed *grin* 

After you’ve viewed mykel’s video, may you take the time to explore his site the b. movement.

Thank you for allowing me to embrace new and different today..and for sharing your love with mykel!

Peace to you dear readers,as you listen to this interview, may you ponder the questions I ask mykel and think about the answers as they apply to you..and may all that mykel shares inspire you to open to passion within your own life.. 

Who do you want to  b.?  Just b. it..right now..this very moment..allow your heart whispers to direct your steps..

Much peace,


  1. #1 by Rand on April 5, 2011 - 5:35 am

    “B” as it must…I got to say…that was *Brillant*!

    Great interview Joy!

    Great answers mykel!

  2. #2 by Lilys on April 6, 2011 - 11:35 am

    here is a BIG A++++
    4 your B!!

    Thank You, Joy!

  3. #3 by mykel dixon on April 12, 2011 - 2:57 am

    Thank you Joy. For giving me the time and space to create something with you. And for making me feel all warm and fuzzy that someone (fabulous) out there actually cares about what I’m up to. Big big love to you and all your readers!

    • #4 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on April 12, 2011 - 7:13 pm

      Thank *you* for an amazing interview..for the energy you share through your work, and for the fabulous way you encourage us all to “b”
      Much love!

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