I Found the Perfect Present for *You*!


Welcome to my peace filled place.  It is my pleasure to share energy with you here:)

I want to share this with you:

I’m creating new and different in my life.  One may even say I’m creating a completely new, different life. 

How does it feel?  Amazing, awe-some holy f I cannot believe how magical life truly may be when I allow it to be! … Mixed with a few moments of  hang on, fun soul, this is going to be some ride:) 

My goal is not specific, tangible, hold in your hand, write on paper.  My goal is: to live a peace filled, joy filled life of abundance; to surround my self with healthy, whole, pure so that all I share is healthy, whole, pure.

I bolded “to live” because I don’t want to only study it, research it, learn about it..I want to live it..so I am.  Each and every moment, each and every day I open my heart to life!

I share in this space, to encourage you to do the same.  I coach because I know what is possible, and I want you to experience it, too. 

I am not at all good with secret surprises.  Once I have one, I want to tell right away! If I’ve found the perfect present for you, yet the occasion to share is days away (forget weeks or months away, I cannot do it!), it is a struggle for me to not just give your present right away. I thrive on mega watt smiles, so I want to see that mega watt smile light your face today..this moment…and I often just give you the present this very moment..

So, here it is…

The perfect present for *you*, dear friend and reader:

I made a new friend. (yay me!)

If you remember from past articles, I’ve been releasing a lot in life.  I’ve been releasing heart connections that were less than peace filled or life enriching. 

I am pleased that this empty space is being filled with heart connections in life and online that are inspiring, life changing..amazing!

(Instead of clinging to “less than”.. release it, feel the freedom, then see what is manifested into your life!)  Then, please email me about it, I’d love to hear..your story inspires me!

My new friend.  I love her.  Absolutely.  I think in a past life, she might have been in my merry band of gypsy, belly dancing, butterflies and glitter, faerie sisters.  I do.  She Feels like my Soul Sister.  Love it!  Lovin’ life! 

I asked her to write an article for my blog, so that you may know her and love her too!  What she did not know when she wrote this article is that I live on a boat.  When I read this article, my heart said “thank you”.  Simple.  Thank you, I love you: Quinn..and this world..and all who inspire me by sharing their personal stories!  Read her story, let it settle into your heart and allow you to consider creating new and different in your life..check out her blog..check out mine..and then: live it..live your love!  -Much peace, Joy

*grin* One more thing..today on Facebook one of my friends gave me a link to this song \”Shimmer\” by Shawn Mullins.  I’m listening to it as I write this..and I tell you what:

 “We are born to Shimmer, We are born to Shine, We are born to Radiate, We’re born to Live, we’re born to Love, we’re born to never Hate!” 

I’m bubbling over with love and gratitude today!  Here is my friend Quinn:

Riding with the Boatman

by Quinn Whissen

Four years ago as I was walking down the canals in Little Venice–a neighborhood of London–I looked over and saw an old man sitting on his long and ornately decorated houseboat.  What caught my eye was that this bearded man was wearing a Phoenix Coyotes Jersey.  The Coyotes are the hockey team from Phoenix, Arizona: my hometown back in the states.  But here I was walking down a canal 5000 miles across the globe and I see this man wearing their jersey so I stopped and said hello. He jumped off his boat and came up to the gate that stood between us.  I asked him where he got his jersey, and a deep Irish lilt poured out of his mouth: “Me son go’ it for me, I think.  He was travlin’ years ago and brough i’ back for me.  Nice to meet ya’!”

The boatman and I continued to talk for an hour as the night darkened and the fog descended heavy on our eyelashes.  We talked about the fact I was in London to study classical acting techniques and had just arrived a week before.  he told me about his life and his journeys on the boat.  He said he could pick up and leave whenever he wanted to and carry his home on his back.  He loved the freedom and the joy in maintaining his floating home and answering to no one but himself along the way.  I was in awe by the hand detailed banjo and his myriad of craft projects that hung on his inner walls.  He recounted stories of his deceased great-grandmother Maggie, who he said still guided him to that day.  We spoke of religion and spirituality, mysticism, science, and the Tarot.  He invited me to go back on a daytime boat ride a few days later, and I accepted.

When I arrived for our ride down the canals, the boatman made sure I felt comfortable and safe, sitting me on the bow of the ship–front row and center.  For hours upon hours, we traversed the whole city of London on its hidden waterways.  We passed by overgrown parks nestled into the riverbank, graffiti that painted stories of the canal’s past, sprawling flower bushes, and couples walking hand in hand with winsome glances.  As we passed other boats, the fellow river people would always wave enthusiastically with smiles on their faces.  I commented to the boatman that I had never seen people who were so joyous and open to strangers.  He replied: “Yes, river folk or any people near the water are like that.”  When we came upon a large piece of artwork on the side of the canal wall, the boatman told me it was made by local schoolchildren from all the rubbish picked out of the water.  From dirt and grime, unfolded the images of a frog, moon, and stars in front of my eyes.  It was a masterpiece of junk and joy.

I was entranced by the day, utterly amazed by the new world that had been revealed to me because of my openness to the adventure that had presented itself.  How did I see a hockey jersey from my hometown amidst a nighttime walk halfway across the globe and then find myself on an adventure with a kindred soul –and on a boat nonetheless?  It didn’t seem possible, but here I was, the figurehead mermaid leaning off the bow of the ship peering into the reality of a flowing life.  The boatman showed me a world full of magic, kindness, openness, and joy; a world I had merely glimpsed yet never fully grasped.  I saw a possibility for my existence that was as easeful and peaceful as the water we rode on that cold winter’s day.

But as I returned to land later that night and my legs began to root on Earth again, I became afraid.  I was scared because the glimpse I gained on the water took me away from all I knew and al that held me safe and rooted to my ideas of the world.  It beckoned me forward to all the things unseen and unheard, lurking far below the surface.  Deeper and deeper down I would swirl as I would be forced to surrender like a leaf caught in a current.  But I was young and I was afraid of getting caught under water.  I was oarless and rudderless.  I wasn’t ready to swim. 

I never went back to see the boatman in London.

I’m now older and (possibly) wiser and I’ve met a new boatman.  He isn’t in London or even in Phoenix.  He is within me.  He is the inner listening that leads me to notice the clues in my life and follow them towards a flowing adventure.  He is the guiding voice that helps me surrender to the river rather than react from fear.  He is helping me remember that fear is not the river itself even though it tricks us to believe it is so.  Fear is merely the rubbish floating on the surface, he tells me, and I must learn how to craft the pieces into a beautiful work of art.  He then makes me hang my rubbish art up on my walls so I can always look out at it, no longer confusing the surface debris with my True Self.  He is the one navigating the currents of my inner waters so I can live with openness, joy, and freedom.

I, myself, am the boatman who is the guide from the Real to the Unreal, from the Dark to the Light, from the Time-Bound to the Eternal.  I just have to continue to learn to navigate my vessel, listening to the coursing currents beneath the surface, and willfully surrender to my inner boatman who always knows the way.

If only I could ride the river until I reached the sea…if only one day I can learn to be both the single drop of water and the whole ocean all at once. 

If only we could all get lost in the ocean from whence we came. 

If only, if only…but alas, that is another adventure yet to be explored.

Have you opened up to moments of grace and found yourself on an adventure of a lifetime? What were the clues you saw on the way? Did you listen to them or di you close down from fear? Who is your boatman and what lessons did he teach you on your path to unfolding your joy?

Quinn Whissen is on a journey to get real *raw *naked * & free.  She strives to make the invisible visible through art, writing, yoga, and other creative pursuits.  You can find her writing about retrieving her soul (and yours!) through understanding the past and creating yourself anew at Urban Soul Retrieval .

  1. #1 by Rand on March 5, 2011 - 10:03 pm

    “You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.”

    Thank you Quinn and Joy for the beautiful gift! Such an enchanting story and inspiring message.

    It comes very timely as during the conversation that I had with my friend yesterday evening while we ran barefoot along the ocean it was mentiioned that that she has been reading Revelations. So much had to do with the spirituality of ‘water’. In connecting with the universal flow we finished our run together by running the last half mile through the shallow incoming ocean tide.

    I have experienced the high adrenaline of do what’s needed to save your life ‘fear’ far out at sea in a raging storm…but it has been on land the past eight years where the much harder ‘fear’ is such a more pervasive opponent…within ‘myself’.

    I have made great strides the past eight months with the help of you Joy and others…but when you get down to it the best help comes from yourself in recognizing your personal ‘fears’, using all that is positive that is ‘you’, then go right at the ‘fear’, embrace it, and then “let it go”.

    “Look for the signs…then let it go”.

    I sense a bit of “Irish” here. The first photo of Quinn looks very much like my daughters aunt in Dublin, Ireland.

    Thanks for introducing Quinn!

    Hope you managed to get that big red heart from Zeenat!

  2. #2 by Quinn W on March 6, 2011 - 1:52 am

    Hello Rand! I’m so happy to connect with you here in Joy’s peaceful space.

    I too, see and sense a deeper Truth that is revealed to us through water. I’m sure frolicking next to the ocean you could sense it so clearly with an immense body of water, fluidity, and expansiveness right next to you. Even though it is so expansive, it is water’s very immense-ness that is frightful to me. I know if I only learned to surf, I would feel grace. But even after this experience in London, I’m still afraid of it… yet not so much so. But I LOVE what you say here, “Look for the signs…then let it go.” I used to hang on to so called signs when they weren’t really signs, grasping and reaching for truths that weren’t there. I now know to look for the signs and let it go, also letting go of looking for the signs too 🙂 I’m happy to flow with you Rand!

    Funny about the Irish! I believe my named definitely comes from the Celtic language and I had a beautiful adventure on the Aran Islands once. Otherwise, I’m Lebanese and Scottish!

    So happy to e-meet you,

    P.S. One of my favorite quotes you might enjoy: “The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea” – Karen Blixen

    • #3 by Rand on March 6, 2011 - 10:26 pm

      …yes much wisdom there Quinn. By letting go of looking for to many signs one can prevent mistaken idenity.

      Respect for ‘all water’ is also wise. “Never turn your back on the sea”.

      More regional to you is the Havasupai Reservation. I have been there and have seen how high flash floods have traveled through the canyon.

      Thanks for the great quote!

  3. #4 by Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord on March 6, 2011 - 6:03 pm

    Absolutely beautiful! The story, the gift of friendship that has unfolded between you (Quinn) and Joy, and metaphor of the boatman. I loved every last word of it!

    In particular, this line jumped out at me, “If only we could all get lost in the ocean from whence we came.” YES! And realize that the ocean is within us — we are the ocean, it is us. Such a brilliant idea that, from time to time, my mind softens enough to comprehend more fully.

    You’ve a beautiful soul, and only good things can come from it. I’m honored to read about your journey.

    Much love & magic, to you and Joy!

    • #5 by Quinn W on March 7, 2011 - 10:16 pm

      Hello, Megan! Ah, I love your other name too : Joygirl! Makes me want to jump up and dance and boogie 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment. I’ve come to feel lately that there is an ocean underneath us, a divine water that supports our every move. And yes, like you said it is within us and underneath us. I feel as if maybe if I learn how to ride the ocean, I can just let my life happen rather than making and forcing it to happen.

      It is surely when your and my mind ‘softens’ and ‘melt’s that we are better able to feel the waves.

      Bless bless you and thank you for riding the river with me and Joy,

  4. #6 by Holly on March 7, 2011 - 1:16 pm

    That was a very lovely story. It taught me two very important lessons. Pay a little more attention to the people around me because we all have a story to share. And stop being afraid. Sometimes I think too much.

    • #7 by Quinn W on March 7, 2011 - 10:19 pm

      Hello Holly! Thank you for reading my story. I recently wrote on my blog about the power of stories and I said this which resonates with your comment: “To hear someone else’s story is to listen to your own truth through another’s perspective. By engaging with the plots of others, you open yourself towards engaging with the story you wish to tell yourself about yourself. Through my story, you learn your story. Through your story, I learn mine.”

      Everyone has a story in them, multiple stories! Just yesterday I was in a grocery store and a man started telling me stories of his tattoos which then led him to recommend historical books to me. Around ever corner lies someone’s story, and within their story lies our own.

      Thank you for being part of my story and allowing me into your own!


  5. #8 by Evita on March 7, 2011 - 4:06 pm

    Hello Joy and Quinn!

    Joy – I love your new! I love your different! May you continue to wrap yourself and unwrap yourself at the same time with the gifts the universe offers 🙂 There are so many moments to wrap yourself up in the magic and delight of life, and so many moments to unwrap ourselves from fear, pain and anything that holds us back.

    Quinn – it is so good to see you here! It was a delight to connect with you on Twitter and I think you are such a beautiful person both inside and out! I look forward to getting to know you more and thank you deeply for sharing your story about the Boatman.

    What precious wisdom… the boatman is within! Yes, yes and yes!

    Love and Light to you both always!

    • #9 by Quinn W on March 7, 2011 - 10:22 pm

      Hello Evita! It is so nice to receive a beautiful comment from you!

      I truly believe this was a gift from the universe when I met the boatman. I didn’t know it at the time, and only discovered the present when I was reflecting on the experience and writing this story. It’s amazing what can be discovered when we illuminate the past and reflect upon it with new eyes. Thank you for being here again, I’m looking forward to connecting more with you and Evolving Beings.

      Much love,

  6. #10 by Sunita on March 8, 2011 - 5:07 am

    Oh Wow! It is so beautiful! It touched something so deep within me that i just want to savor that thought, that feeling. Thanks for touching my life.

    • #11 by Quinn Whissen on March 9, 2011 - 5:15 pm

      Wow Sunita, I’m happy you received a present from my writing. Thanks for letting me touch your life and for reaching out and touching mine in return.

  7. #12 by theboldlife.com on March 9, 2011 - 1:19 am

    Hi Quinn,
    How fun to see you on Joy’s blog. I loved your magical story. Hubs likes to wear his Michigan State sweatshirt when we hike in Arizona. He meets and greets all Michiganderson the way up and back down.

    My boatman was a priest that convinced me to go to college when my twins went to school. Doing that was life changing for our entire family.

    • #13 by Quinn Whissen on March 9, 2011 - 5:16 pm

      Hello Tess!

      I love hearing about other people’s boatmans, priests or husbands alike. I truly know there are those people we encounter, if only for a moment, that help us navigate our lives for the rest of the time we are here.

      Thanks for reading,

  8. #14 by Evelyn Lim on March 9, 2011 - 1:21 am

    Hello Joy and Quinn,

    What a beautiful interweaving of stories to illustrate the start of friendships. I love the idea of opening up to grace and find myself in exciting adventures. Thank you for inspiring me today to go in the flow and open to what the universe has for me!

    • #15 by Quinn Whissen on March 9, 2011 - 5:18 pm

      Hello Evelyn! You have the same name of my grandmother and it has always been one of my favorites. Eve, Evey, Evelyn. Lovely.

      Thank you for reading and for your beautiful comment! I find that these moments of grace swirl around us all the time; we merely have to be open enough to pick a swirl and pull it into our heart. Let me know if you receive any presents!!


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