Simplicity Series: Creating New and Different..


Welcome to my peace filled space.  May the energy here enliven your Spirit and inspire you to create:)

In life, and in these pages, I speak regularly about creating your moment and allowing for new and different.

Why new and different..why not allow for the same?  New and different enlivens my Spirit, enriches my life, sparks my passion!  Even if my daily practices are healthy and whole, allowing for new and different in them allows me to subtly shift my perspective, open a new chamber in my heart.  When I am comfortable–even within healthy and whole– I plateau.  Plateaus are awesome to rest and enjoy in..but the moment is a gift to be savored, relished, enjoyed.  Plateau means I’ve stopped dreaming, or I still dream but haven’t given them air in a while..

I am not a victim to external circumstance; I am the creator of this moment! It is my choice to surround my self with enriching, inspiring, encouraging..or not.  It is my choice to allow for and receive abundance and prosperity..or not.  It is my choice to allow my feet to be mired in “less than” or to step out of it.  It is always my choice!

New and different is often the guide to allowing my heart whispers to become my reality.  New and different is the gateway to abundant *magic*.  You come to my particular site not because you expect ordinary,  but because something here calls to you to try a new way, even if just for the moment you read about it.  Something here asks you to create, to allow your heart full expression. 

What tools do I use when creating?  Creating this moment, with exactly what I have in this moment..or creating my life, with exactly what I have in this life. 

The primary tool I use is Faith sprinkled with courage, confidence, moxie.  Faith in God, Nature, Universe– a natural, Universal flow I may tap into each and every moment I choose.  What is Natural? It happens without any manipulation from others..a cycle from the beginning of time until now..the sun rises, the moon rises, cycles follow.  What is in this Flow?  Love, Healing, Refreshment, Creativity, Passion, Joy, Peace, Trust. How do I tap into it?  By choosing to open my heart to the moment as it is presented to me.  By removing barriers to this flow, by sharing my gifts generously, and receiving back into my life gifts from others. 

What if I do not have faith, what if I do not believe, what if I doubt?  I may still tap into Universal Flow..each and every moment I open my heart to it. I do not have to understand, I do not have to be perfect or whole or holy…I just have to open my heart to it.  A bit tough if I do not believe, but still very do-able.  I may go to nature and be awed by the beauty surrounding me, allow that awe to touch my heart, even if I do not understand how nature was created, or why I would be loved in it, or how I fit into the cycle..I may open my heart to the beauty of it. 

What if I feel unable to create?  What is my gift, what do I have to share that is unique and different, why would anyone notice me or what I offer?  Keith Smith has a beautiful answer Release Your Creativity

You have a already Know what it is.  Whether you share it generously or it’s covered in layers deep within your heart, it is there.  Waiting patiently for the chance to breathe, to be expressed.  Your gift is precious..and is necessary to all of us as we create.  If there is fear around this gift, there is great freedom with each expression of it. 

What if you feel unworthy, inadequate, that your gifts are far less than another..turn off  your mind and access your heart space.   In your heart space, you are absolutely enough, more than enough and what you offer from this space is perfect for the moment you are in. 

When creating new and different, there are many resources one may use.  Often we become enmeshed in the resources and “forget” to live.  To just try.  One baby step–whether taken confidently or with much hesitation–is as empowering as any resource you may find.  You may read about it, or you may choose to live it!  And if Fear is present, thank it for being there and step with it, rather than away from it.  Let Fear empower you…

One book that I used in my intensive year of healing and growing is Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life”.  I refer to it often for affirmation, reminders, inspiration.  It reminds me of the steps I have taken and I allow that momentum to buoy these present steps.  I love this interview…

A website that completely magnifies my energy and sparks my own spunk, verve, courage, moxie is Kelly Diels.  When  I receive her newsletter, or the latest post, I am inspired to create new, different, magnificent, true to my self…amazing!  Check it out:)

May you look into your life and see the resources that are present in abundance for you to create with, right now, in this moment, exactly as you are.  You are loved beyond measure, and this moment is yours to create!

Much peace,


If you are interested in learning more about the process of unfolding, I offer a *free* six-week class to each new subscriber.  You will receive one lesson a week in your email inbox..resources and tools to allow you to create this moment, or your entire life..dare to try new and different and allow your dreams to become your reality!

  1. #1 by Bruce Bevens on February 25, 2011 - 5:52 pm

    Joy, you are such an inspiration and a “Joy” to read!!!
    I look forward to each new email from you and know that
    each time you will share such Love and Impeccability!!
    Just know that your light and love shine through your words
    that affect so many so profoundly.

    Because of your inspiration, at my 64 yrs, I have been inspired to take
    a Leap of Faith that will forever change my life for my best and highest good.

    Love and Light,


    • #2 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on February 25, 2011 - 6:24 pm

      Hi Bruce,
      I *celebrate* your leap of faith! Thank you for taking the time to share energy through a comment. Thank *you* for what you have reflected to me here:)
      Any age, any moment, we may leap…exactly where we are, with exactly what we have in that moment! Faith may guide us beyond all that we may imagine to a reality that is what we have only previously dreamed about.
      May your heart whispers reach the moon and return a reality!

  2. #3 by Rand on February 25, 2011 - 11:20 pm

    Hi Joy!

    Really like this post!

    This is great!

    “How do I tap into it? By choosing to open my heart to the moment as it is presented to me. By removing barriers to this flow, by sharing my gifts generously, and receiving back into my life gifts from others.”

    Remember my second response to your question?

    “I am glad that you use your time off of work to play in nature and allow nature’s beauty to touch you. May I ask what do you allow to be created from that?”

    I responded: “The past few days I have been trying to “create” less barriers.”

    It feels wonderful to be on the same universal page as you Joy!

    Thank you God for this…

  3. #4 by Quinn W on February 26, 2011 - 4:56 am

    This is an absolutely beautiful post full of such clarity, Joy. I’m going to save it on my tabs as I feel new layers will be revealed (reaffirmed?) to me upon reading again.

    “I am not a victim to external circumstance; I am the creator of this moment!”

    This was a HUGE lesson for me in the past few years and still serves as a valley I fall in to. So many people in this world walk around as they are victims, I know I’ve done it. Yes, there are things that push us toward this. I had my best friend decide to leave me stranded on a couch when I needed to go to the hospital. I felt victimized and maybe *understandably in the normal sense of things.

    But being a victim is also a choice. It’s a choice to live within a perspective that says the world is doing everything to you and you have no ability to change it. No you can’t change what happens in your world, that is correct. BUT you can change how you relate with what happens. I can change the idea that I was stranded by my best friend to the perspective of seeing what problems she was working through that had nothing to do with me. I can choose to step into the open chamber of my heart and let Big Love back in.

    I also love this quote from my yoga teacher tonight: “It’s less important how you are than how you are with how you are.” Relatable to this topic, I believe.

    In joy and opening chambers,

  4. #5 by Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord on February 27, 2011 - 8:37 pm

    I love Louise Hay, and watching that video was like sitting with a friend. Thank you!

    As for new and different, isn’t it funny how sometimes we’ll say to the Universe, “Okay, I want new & different now please,” and we’ll even take intentional strides toward that, but the Universe may throw “same” at us in the most tempting of ways?
    I’m experiencing that today, and I can hear myself saying, “Stay the (new) course, Megan. If you go back and do what you’ve always done, you’re going to create what you’ve had and said you’re done with!” New and different is new and different. Period!

    I’m staying strong; sounds like you are, too. Love it!

  5. #6 by Rand on February 27, 2011 - 11:52 pm

    So much comes to us in its deliberate universal time…if we allow it.

    I “drove from San Diego” today with my two daughters to Encinitas and had lunch at our favorite “Swami’s Cafe”. We then went across Pacific Coast Hwy. and walked through the Self-Realization Fellowship Gardens:

    Many of the plants are in full bloom. The koi in the pools were happy as could be with beautiful rays of sunlight penetrating onto them…different from the hail stones that they received last night…they appreciate variety…as we do.

    The timing was right for me to now just watch Louise Hay’s video.

    I am now off for my barefoot run on the beach this evening.

    Thank you Joy for the video…

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