Self Love Series: Embrace Truth!

Hello.  Welcome to my peace filled space.

This month of January, we are exploring the topic of self-love.  As I am Aware of the theme of self-love, much of what I See in my life is related to this topic.  I do believe that what I focus my energy on grows, so as I focus a part of my Energy on self-love, articles, songs, artistic pieces, conversations, books..are perfectly placed into my life as gentle reminders, inspirational nudges to continue along this path.  reminders to open my heart to Love in general and to allow the process to be absolutely effortless and joy filled.

I have two gifts from my heart to share with you today: a story from my personal life and a guided meditation from a beloved friend.

There is a handwritten sign on a board at work that reads :

The Truth Shall Set You Free

We have all heard this in various forms.  I allowed this message to sink deep into the recesses of my soul and I chose this phrase as the foundation I shall create from this week.  My Heart Truth. 

So, I have a few questions for you to think about..Just for you..perhaps reflect, journal, allow these thoughts to surface then release them.  What is your Truth?  How do you nourish that Truth?  How do you allow that Truth to be expressed?  Do you allow your Truth to be expressed? 

Often, we Know our Truth, yet we hide it, dim it, avoid it, bury it..for various reasons all fear related.  Not acknowledging Truth can lead to missed opportunities, illness, low energy…yet we would rather ‘suffer’ through those symptoms than embrace what we know and risk being labeled different, unique, quirky…

When we embrace our Truth: magnificent freedom, joy, love, peace, wonder, awe, gratitude are present in abundance in our life.  Which would you rather: “suffering” or “joy”..the choice is ours. Last year, at death’s door with stage 3 cervical cancer, I chose: no more suffering…I shall embrace my truth and choose “joy”..each and every day, regardless of external, I choose to celebrate the Gift of the day!

Here is my Truth:  I love butterflies and glitter.  Always.  I bask in the sunshine and dance in the moonbeams.  I Know that God holds my hand, and I tap into the Universe flow.  I am a “Divine Warrior Princess of Light”: I work in energy and heal hearts.  My children are a joy and my biggest delight in life is to be their mother.  I open my heart to the moment as it is presented to me.  I love fully, purposefully, intentionally, and unconditionally.  I build my life upon a foundation of peace.  I cultivate, nurture, and share peace.  I take risks, embrace adventure, and enjoy life.  That is me.

I love me, I delight in me.  For the Truth within.  The more fully I Know and Embrace that Truth, the more fully I love me.  It has been a journey, but I stand here now and I Know my self well, that I may release my ‘self” at any time.  I Know my purpose on this Earth and I celebrate that purpose.  Any moment that I feel “less than” I Know I am relating in a way of “less than” embracing my Truth.  As the creator of my moment, I may then refocus on my Truth and allow it to shine. 

My personal story to share:

It’s actually a story that I witnessed, but is one of those profound moments that will stay within my heart for a long time.

My friend received a call that her dad was dying.  Her dad lives out of the country.  Ticket prices are expensive, work is busy and we are short staffed, her children would require care.  But, her heart told her to please arrange to visit her dad.  Every day, I asked her if she was leaving yet..she said not yet..she used the words “not enough“..time, energy, resources. And I thought oh, many times have I felt not enough and allowed that feeling to redirect my steps.  And how not enough has sometimes changed my life.  How when my life feels heavy, messy, chaotic, or when I am ill..that is not enough present in fullness.  And how I may change that at any moment by pouring love into it–your love, yes– but most importantly my love..Divine self-love. 

At work, part of my job is to hold the internal hospital phone.  A phone used solely by us internally for “emergencies”.  One day, my friend’s husband called a few times in a row.  I knew he was out of the country, and I knew she wouldn’t be around the phone, so I tried to explain to him that I will relay a message and she will call him.  Yet, he kept calling back.

Do you know why he was so persistent?  Her dad died.  Did you feel that?  Her dad died..

When has not enough changed my life?  And, because I Love her and I Love this world, what can I do differently now that I Know? 

Thank you for the lesson, Universe.  Because I am enough, always, in this moment and every moment..I open my heart to enough, more than enough, magnificently enough!

As a gift to my readers, my friend Jan Lundy from Awakened Living created this podcast regarding self-love.  As I listen, I think thank you for the gift of wisdom, clarity, talent, joy, peace, love!  May you enjoy this gift, and may it enrich your life as it has mine!  In embracing self-love, I am embracing new and different with magical results:)

Self Love podcast

Thank *you*, dear reader and friend, for walking these steps with me, together we magnify love.  May we apply that love to self as generously and confidently as we apply it to others.  And may abundant magic and delight surround you as you open your heart to new and different!

JANICE LYNNE LUNDY is the woman behind “Buddha Chick,” the web’s newest social networking and spiritual growth community for women: Buddha Chick. She is passionate about connecting with people who desire to live in an awakened manner—with clear, open minds and wise compassionate hearts. Jan is an Interfaith Spiritual Director, retreat leader, syndicated columnist, and the author of 4 spiritual growth books, her newest being Your Truest Self: Embracing the Woman You Are Meant to Be. Visit her website ~ ~ and her blog ~, named as one of 2010’s Top 50 Buddhist Blogs.

Much peace,


  1. #1 by Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord on January 16, 2011 - 4:50 pm

    That’s a great reminder (your friend’s story) to honor that in this moment, I am enough. I understand it from a conceptual viewpoint, but living it is harder. As Jan said in her podcast (which was awesome, by the way!), starting at a young age I was conditioned toward two things:
    1. Focusing on me and what was right with me was selfish, and
    2. I would have an increasing number of things, as time went on, that “weren’t right” with me.

    Add to that last part the idea that, if I tried really, really hard I might be able to correct all the things that “weren’t right” with me and somehow achieve a more desirable state.

    I’ve been living in that la-la land for most of my life, but I like what Jan said re: perfection. Maybe we don’t strive for perfection, but instead go for progress. I’ve seen that written, as well: “I am better than I used to be.” That’s all that counts. I don’t suppose I need to measure up to other people’s standards, but being loved and approved of by others has always been a draw. An innate draw, I might say.

    Self-love – feeling “enough” in this moment – now that feels like freedom. And peace. And joy. And all good things.

    Thank you, my friend, and I’m so glad you’re here to remind me, teach me, show me, encourage and love me.

    • #2 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on January 17, 2011 - 3:47 am

      Hi Megan,
      Thank you for your thoughts.
      “I am enough” is incredibly powerful, when we not only believe it, but live it. May we reflect ‘enough’ to each other, so that overflowing enough is the norm we create from.
      I just watched the movie “Black Swan”..and realized that due to being “abandoned” by my mother and subsequent love when I was a young child, perfectionism to “earn love” had been my norm. Perfectionism may slowly kill spirit, my physical self, my soul…I release perfectionism…
      I am perfectly made to be are are we all…When I Know you, I *celebrate* all that makes you different, I love your uniqueness and identify with it. I learn from it, I revel in it, it enriches my life. It was a process to learn to apply the same to my self.
      Freedom is an amazing gift..may you experience the freedom to soar..and abundant gifts within that!

  2. #3 by on January 17, 2011 - 2:06 am

    Love this and the way you honored Jan. I know her personally from Michigan. I’m going to listen to the podcast. I love progress not perfection and can say I’m on that road. Have a great week!

    • #4 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on January 17, 2011 - 3:49 am

      Hi Tess,
      Thank you! I connect online the way I do in life..heart connections. These connections enrich my life in many ways, and I am extremely grateful for all that is shared! I’m glad to join you on the road to progress..I choose to enjoy the journey, as I know you do too:)

  3. #5 by Rand on January 17, 2011 - 5:18 am

    Hello Joy,

    All I can think about after reading your post is all the love I poured into providing a home and care for my brother for three years while he under went treatment for renal carcinoma. John was dual-diagnosed schizophrenic/mentally challenged. I poured everything into it (working three jobs). There was a void after he left. Many hard nights of sleep. I have been told that there is a place in heaven for me for the love I gave him.

    Maybe so…but I need to make the rest of my stay here “heaven” as much as possible. I have been working on this. I have a good friend to run with and talk to. My job is going great with a step up about to happen.

    After reading your post you do confirm the need for a moment by moment celebration of life’s beauty.

    Our “uniqueness”… the “uniqueness of others is beauty.

    This is where I’am really getting excited again!

    To once again really appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of as many people as I can.

    Once I move up in my job and everthing is more balanced I see more travel and adventure and someone super special in my life once again! I’am scripting this on paper!

    I have always been happy with simple pleasures…though it is rewarding to go out and “risk” for something a bit more grand. Just need to carry a bit of wisdom and confidence with me when I do…that’s not to say I’am looking to say “I DO”…need a little bit of humor here!

    Thanks for this Joy!

  4. #6 by Rand on January 17, 2011 - 10:09 pm

    …ok so today I listened to Jan’s pod-cast. Yes a very clear view about appreciating our own self worth and ‘worth’ every moment of doing so while we are here on earth.

    Say Joy…have you ever been down the the San Diego Wild Animal Park and gone into the Butterfly enclosure? If not I know it would be magical for you and your children…during spring and summer time it is open.

    Thanks Jan this was very meaningful…

  5. #7 by Mandy Allen on January 18, 2011 - 1:28 pm

    A very meaningful post, Joy, and a truly lovely podcast from Jan. Thanks so much for sharing. My great aunt died last Christmas, she was always so afraid of dying alone and I said I would never let that happen, but I was away for Christmas and she was rushed into hospital and died before I got there, because the hospital told me she was ok and I didn’t rush to her side when I could have.

    Enjoy the journey.


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