An Easy Recipe to Joyfully Step into Your Wildest Dream



After a bit of trying this and trying that…I finally found a recipe I’d like to share with you….

First, you should know that I am an excellent cook. I delight in taking the finest of ingredients then combining them to create this culinary treat that is like nothing you have tasted in your past and will absolutely delight your senses.  Guaranteed.  My pleasure!

Today I am putting those talents to good use.  I present to you:

“An Easy Recipe to Joyfully Step into Your Wildest Dream”


Remember, I love you and want to you live your, let’s do it..together..let’s step into our wildest dreams!

First step: Turn off your mind.  It tends to get in the way when concocting dream recipes.  In my kitchen, I cook with my senses..I let my senses lead.  And guess what??? Letting my senses lead makes the recipe mistake proof..which makes this an “easy recipe”– anyone can try, and there are no mistakes! Ah, what a relief!!! 

Anyone can participate and there are no mistakes! If you want to take a moment to celebrate that, by all means celebrate..we’ll wait:)

Prep your area: I know that my creations absorb my energy.  I prefer to create with amazing energy..I prep my space to my liking, clean out clutter, light my candle, open the hatches (on the boat) so air and sunshine may circulate, play music..Each time I create..especially when I am creating dreams! I dance and sing, laugh and play while I create..I want the process to be *Fun*!  So, prep your area with all that makes your heart happy…

Next, mix these first two ingredients together.  Lightly mix, then cover and let sit for a bit.  Don’t lift the cover and want the mix to rise, light and free.   

an imagination: dream it up..past regular..go to extraordinary, impractical, so freakin amazing your heart skips a beat when you think about it, and then go one step past that! … you have to absolutely want it to get it..what is it that you truly want?  Be silent, go to nature, play music, journal, create…let your heart whispers soar..

an open heart: your heart has the Answer each and every time. *anything* is possible in your heart your heart to it all.  whatever your imagination presents you possible when you bring it to your heart space. 

Now we are ready to add to a few important ingredients. Our base mixture is light and airy and ready for dream like qualities..just a dash of each, or a large sprinkle if you’re feeling bold:

a ravenous appetite: this ensures you are receptive and ready for your dream.  when you want it so badly you can taste it, you’re most likely to create extraordinary to satisfy that hunger.  want it..then keep wanting fillers..

moxie: you could sit back and wait for it to happen but the dish might be flat while time passes..we want to keep it light and airy, so now is the time to put it all out there..add in each and every component to your dream..find it where you may, then add it in..

a sense of humor: you may get wet, dirty, feel foolish, slip and fall, not know how to use products, add in far too much or too little then have to correct for it…whatever happens to you in the kitchen as you create is all in *Fun*!!!  let it remain fun..make a joke, laugh, join the Universe in play…your dish will be memorable because of it!

custom ingredients of your dream: dash here, dash there..whatever you want, add it in..boat in Greece-check…fabulous food in Italy–check…stay home with my children-check…body like Megan Fox-check *grin*…

Gently stir.  Let your senses take it all in.  Feel the sensations of your wildest dream.  Let those sensations fill your entire Being.  Oh my! So tempting to take a may, but it’s not quite ready yet…Here comes the fun part..

Add in custom flavorings..

Oooh..I love flavorings..

Have to be fresh flavorings..This is a bit tough for some–was for me.  Nothing stale, no old ideas or remnants of past thoughts that you may have on hand..but fresh, new, tantalizing ingredients.

What do you prefer? spicy, sweet, juicy, ripe, intense, subtle..let’s add it..this is the layer beyond regular..this is the freakin’ awesome stuff!  What feeling do you want? An explosion in your mouth–add that flavor.  So joy filled you soar..add that flavor..add all of it..cannot go wrong here–

Pour it into your life pan.  Let it bake.  Let it bake until it is fully set..timing varies according to how many ingredients and flavorings you’ve added–the more intense equals a bit more time. 

This part is important.  It doesn’t have a category.  It is called keep this delicious mixture to yourself for a bit.  I know, you are so proud of these steps in your can taste your dream, feel it, are probably in it..but it’s still so fragile and tender, it needs to be coddled a bit before you share it.  You need to allow the goodness from it, the awe-someness of sink into your life..before you share it.  Too many times we share it before it is completely ready..and then we lose it..or another criticizes it before it’s fully formed and we become disheartened..or any number of things..We will share..just not yet..This part, is for *you* enjoy it as it bakes..

Take it out and let it cool…Okay, now you’re almost there.  This lovely custom dish is ready for you..your senses delight in all that is being presented.  You feel blessed, Divine, amazing! 

You have created a dream and stepped into it!  *You*  and you didn’t even know you could cook!!!  You followed the have it totally ready in your looks and smells and feels delicious..Here is the step that shall be ease free, joy filled: Enjoy it!!!!  You created it, it is yours, enjoy!  Share if you’d like..keep it for yourself if you’d like..

And get this!

You can do it again! Any time you would like.  There is no one time dream recipe..nope, this recipe may be used time and again so your entire life is one delicious, ease free, joy filled dream! 

I was inspired to create this recipe when I took a bit of Megan’s message Decadently Spicy: How to Manifest Absolutely Everything! and combined it with this video Anchoring into a Life of Freedom.  Then I added in my own open heart and gift of clarity.   I took Megan’s “don’t ask how, just feel the wow!” message and combined it with Danielle’s “throw the dream out in front of you then step into it” message. Then wrote this in my comment:

“I want to be so freakin’ free that meteor showers are my night lights when I nap..”

Tried it in my own life..and,,,oops the buzzer went off..time to nap among the meteor to join me?

What do you think, ready to try? What flavorings do you think you’d add?

Much peace,


  1. #1 by Evelyn Lim on December 9, 2010 - 11:53 am

    I love delicious food. I enjoy trying food from all over the world. I am also blessed with having the experience of sampling cuisine from many parts of the world, although I am sure that there are still lots I have not tried. My challenge is that I would like to eat what I want but not put on weight around my tummy…LOL!

    Your question of “What feeling do you want?” is indeed useful when I have to decide what I want to eat for my next meal. Flavorings would really depend on the experience I wish to have.

    • #2 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on December 12, 2010 - 8:11 am

      Hi Evelyn,
      Thank you!
      “What feeling do you want” is an awesome prompt for manifesting..which I know you excel at! The beauty of it all is that we can choose to experience anything that we open our hearts to..I believe when we label something we limit it..but when we open our hearts to it, we experience it..
      I *love* delicious everything–food, experiences, moonlight..:)

  2. #3 by Sara on December 9, 2010 - 11:42 pm


    It’s been too long since I visited. You’ve changed things around a bit, but I like it. I enjoyed this post, especially the part about adding humor to your recipe. That’s the one I always use to spice up my dishes.

    I hope this venture is a wonderful trip for you and that your dreams come true. I also wish you a holiday filled with happiness and the joy that only you can create:~)

    • #4 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on December 12, 2010 - 8:13 am

      Hi Sara,
      Wow..Thank you!
      I think you are amazingly I imagine you are able to whip up adventure or anything you choose..with great ease:)
      Thank you for the warm wishes..this is the time of year I look for special signs of joy..
      May delight surround you this holiday season:)

  3. #5 by Keith Davis on December 11, 2010 - 8:31 am

    Hi Joy
    Some great ingredients, which should make a very tasty dish.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe and although I struggle boiling an egg, I will certainly give it a go.

    Enjoy the Christmas break.

    • #6 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on December 12, 2010 - 8:15 am

      Hi Keith,
      Thank you!
      If you struggle boiling an release the struggle and the egg will boil *grin* and two..stay away from boiling eggs then:) I think life is meant to be may you enjoy creating:)

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