Ten Tips to a Freakin’ Awesome Thanksgiving…



I last wrote about my friend \’Wind\’.  I *love* how the Universe works…because last night was one of the top five worst I’ve experienced while living on the boat.  Wind whipping, ferociously..heavy powerful rain, almost hail like..chilly..The boat rocked, pitched, strained on her lines…In the middle of the night, a line snapped sounding much like the side of the boat being ripped off.  While I am experiencing this, there is absolutely nothing to do but surrender to it.  I woke and reviewed *my own words* reminding me of my *Love* of Wind and how to celebrate even the worst days! 

Since Wind is still full force, I decided to allow her some freedom and spend the day off of the boat.  

I release expectation and allow my Friend to be who she is, as she is.  I Love her exactly as she presents her in this moment. I do not need to understand her, nor change her, just to *Love* her.  This moment is less than peace filled for me, so to honor peace and my friendship, I removed myself from the situation.  Knowing there will be many more joy filled moments to share together in the future. 

This week in the United States, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  The “Unfolding Your Path to Joy” holiday premise is that *every day* is a day to celebrate.  While I understand spiritual and cultural celebrations, I also think too much importance is placed upon the particular day and how it ‘should’ be rather than incorporating the meaning into every day life.  Perhaps we may throw away our “game plan” and approach Thanksgiving much as I approach my friendship with Wind. 

I want each day in your life to be “freakin’ awesome”…so let’s allow “Thanksgiving” to be freakin’ awesome as well…

Ten Tips to a Freakin’ Awesome Thanksgiving

The sun is the epitome of benevolence – it is lifegiving and warmthgiving and happinessgiving, and to it we owe our thanksgiving.  ~Jessi Lane Adams

  1. Allow the Spirit of the Season to guide you.  Spirit is heart centered.  There are no conflicts in Spirit, there is always enough in Spirit, the moment is exactly as it is meant to be in Spirit.  Did you breathe a sigh of relief?  No conflict..always enough..exactly as it is meant to be..Hold on..This is starting to sound fun!
  2. Celebrate the good in each interaction.  Celebrate?  Are you kidding me??? With all of this prep work who has time to celebrate? I choose where to invest my energy..so I choose to invest my energy in “good”.  I don’t believe in labels; however, society tends to label..so for this “freakin’ awesome holiday” embrace all that makes you smile, and delete all that doesn’t.  Turkey freaks you out..delete turkey, eccentric Aunt Jane makes you smile then embrace Aunt Jane.. Yep..you heard me..You want freakin’ awesome..you need to embrace freakin’ awesome!  You have a mega watt smile, and I want to See it!!!
  3. Prepare with a heart full of pleasure.. Pleasure makes me smile–when I share pleasure with you, you smile…so I’m going to up the ante on pleasure because I want your entire Being to light the room!!!   Pleasure isn’t material or access of anything tangible..pleasure is Knowing your needs are met and your heart whispers are Heard.  I can do that by meeting your eyes, listening when you talk, and expressing Love in the details of our interaction.  It is my pleasure to be here in this space with you..your smile lights my heart..and from this space…I shall prepare my holiday..and I shall allow you to prepare with me.  We shall share this pleasure.. Wait!  A sigh of relief..celebration..pleasure..with the resources I have already at my disposal–freakin’ awesome!
  4.  Release expectation.  I Know that I need a clean space to open my heart fully to the moment..to clean the space, I release expectation.  Wow..now I have a huge clean space to fill with overflowing magic and delight!  *Anything* truly is possible!!!  This moment is mine to create…to allow for, to embrace..Mmm what a Light filled feeling..no burdens, no weight..I may soar if I choose..I am soaring!  During Thanksgiving..is this possible??? Oh yeah baby!
  5. Embrace All with Love.  When I live from my heart space, I am full of Love..I allow *Love* to flow through All moments.  External has no power over my internal state…Bliss!  I choose bliss! And each time I  choose bliss, I am allowing delight filled gifts to be placed into my life..From “chores” to relatives I may not have seen in a while, to long lines at the grocery store, to all external that may be less than peace  filled..I choose bliss!..an abundance of delight filled gifts..
  6. Manifest your heart whispers.  Heart whispers are my dreams made real.  When I honor my heart whispers I am allowing my dreams to manifest into my day..yes, even Thanksgiving day!  A dream like Thanksgiving day full of: relief, celebration, pleasure, soaring, delight filled gifts..Wow!  Freakin’ awesome already!  I cannot wait for this day..this season..!!!!  Do you see how we’ve already turned this around..by focusing on what we have..what is True..from our heart centered space…we are having fun, illuminating the room with our mega watt smiles..beautiful! Freakin’ awesome!!!  
  7.  Create a warm, safe place.  “Freakin’ awesome” often means that I am outside of my comfort zone..I’ve stepped outside of regular to embrace extraordinary.  This might shock my being a bit..so I want to make sure that I have at my access at all times a place of warmth and safety.  This may be a physical place, or a place I may retreat to in my mind..or both.  You are not alone, you are absolutely enough..and this place is a reminder of all that you know to be true
  8. Nourish your essence.  Sometimes in our haste to make things the best for others, we sacrifice a bit of our self.  I want to share my best with you..the only way I can be my best is to nourish my essence..by consistently investing my energy into those activities that nourish it.  This is the time to please myself so that I may be pleasing to you..take time in nature, honor quiet, eat fresh foods that add nutrients to my physical self, get adequate sleep, laugh, play.  Honestly..this makes me freakin’ awesome..and now I can share freakin’ awesome!  It is not a treat to my self to stay up to the wee hours of the morn, stuff myself to overfull with fatty rich foods I don’t normally eat, drink excess alcohol, wear shoes that hurt my feet..quite frankly it is abuse..It *is* a treat to for me to spend time with you in my heart space..freakin’ awesome treat!!!!!
  9.  Cultivate loving kindness and compassion.  Just like my friend Wind..if you are in my presence, then it is my pleasure to interact with you.  I do so lovingly.  You may hold different beliefs, practice customs that are unfamiliar to me, engage in a lifestyle I am unfamiliar with..I *love* you. And I’d like you to open your heart to love me too!  Guess what?  I want freakin’ awesome, some I’m going to take this one step further..I’m going to extend the same loving kindness and compassion to myself as I do to you…I will look into the mirror and Know that I did my absolute best with what I had in the moment I was in. 
  10. Choose to fill your space with that which pleases you.  I’m manifesting freakin’ awesome here and I have limited space..so I choose to fill my space with over the top freakin’ awesome..that which pleases me.... If I compromise I go back to ho hum..and I do not want ho hum…Kind of cyclical now..because I’m back to tip #1: Allow Spirit to guide me..

Hmm..we’ve just created a freakin’ awesome holiday! May I suggest these tips could be used each and every day..because that mega watt smile is amazing..and I bet if we allowed it to be..each and every day could be..

Freakin’ Awesome!!!!  Let’s make a new holiday..Freakin’ Awesome Day!!  I’m in..*grin*!

 May your heart overflow with Gratitude..May you revel in abundant Peace, Joy, Love..May unexpected delight thrill you…and May your Laughter reach to the Moon…

Thank *you* for opening your heart in this space..

Much peace,


  1. #1 by Amy on November 21, 2010 - 11:49 pm

    Amazing advice, Joy! Once you clear out the emotional and physical “clutter”, the holidays can be a wonderful, magical, peace-filled time.

    I want to make a time to see you and maybe cook a meal together before Christmas!

    • #2 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on November 24, 2010 - 4:43 am

      Hi Amy,
      It’s great to ‘see’ you here! I would love to make a meal together..
      And yes, clearing clutter leaves rooms for magical..amazing..to swoop right in and fill the fresh space…

  2. #3 by Sibyl - alternaview on November 22, 2010 - 12:49 am

    Great post and advice Joy. What a fabulous list. I am glad I came across this post in plenty of time to make certain that I am conscious of every single thing you shared on this list for Thanksgiving. Much peace to you as well and Happy Thanksgiving.

    • #4 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on November 24, 2010 - 4:44 am

      Hi Sibyl,
      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
      Thank you for the kind words…
      May abundant magic surround your Holiday!

  3. #5 by Alex Blackwell on November 22, 2010 - 11:35 am

    Perfect timing to receive this list Joy. I’ve been in need of some centering before Thanksgiving Day arrives so I can receive it and then enjoy it.

    This line really touched my heart “I’m going to extend the same loving kindness and compassion to myself as I do to you…” Thank you for this gift.


  4. #6 by jonathanfigaro on November 22, 2010 - 4:19 pm

    Don’t forget , appreciating the moment. yeah, can’t forget that…=) Great list, i’m stuffed just thinking about it…Only 3 days to go..=)

  5. #7 by Meredith on November 22, 2010 - 8:20 pm

    Wonderful list, Joy. During these times of family holidays, I always remember the comment from one Buddhist master to his disciple, “If you think you are enlightened, go and spend two weeks with your parents.” 😉 It is a test of our love, compassion, forgiveness, humility, and awareness, for sure!

  6. #8 by Adrienne of 'A Whole Lotta Love' on November 23, 2010 - 12:47 am

    I love this post. I just came across your blog and its wonderful. I recently started a blog called A Peace Train, where I link up different posts on peace. Would you like me to include this post or another one of your posts on the train?


    I also started a love train as well 🙂


    Let me know.


  7. #9 by Zeenat on November 23, 2010 - 2:10 am

    Hi Joy,
    I’m in for your freakin’ awesome thanksgiving 🙂 I might not celebrate the holiday per say here in india, but i can surely use all these amazingly awesome tips everyday to create magic and freakin awesome 🙂
    You are the brightest and the bestest Joy!
    Lots of love and hugs for this holiday season…
    Z~ {*Positive Provocations*}

  8. #10 by Betsy at Zen Mama on November 24, 2010 - 8:16 pm

    Great advice! Love your title, too. I was just trying to figure out which is my favorite, cultivating love and kindness OR manifest your heart whispers and then began rereading the list. All are wonderful, too hard to chose a favorite!
    thanks Joy for a great post! Happy freakin’ Thanksgiving!

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