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Hi…Welcome to my peace filled, love filled spot:)

I woke with a heart full of love and gratitude, very happy to greet this day.  I love to begin my day with a cup of tea and some fresh fruit while I receive inspiration from blogs, friends, writing, and reading..

Well, this particular morning, I was absolutely blown away by the inspiration found at Keith’s Straight Up Living under Sunday Stillness.  Keith combined his own energy and musical talents with that of Robin’s energy and musical talents and photos (Robin from Naked in Eden) ..and the result is a video that left me with tears of joy streaming down my face.  This video captures the essence of joy, grace, peace, love, beauty, hope, healing..absolutely inspiring on all levels.  Please take the time to view it and let the energy within it touch your life..

On that note, I am pleased to be collaborating today with a beauty filled friend..Brenda from is joining me on this blog as a contributing author…and today as our guest author.  I love how Brenda embraces joy each and every day..her energy is absolutely to the moon..This month, we are embracing *love* in all its facets..Divine..Human..unconditional, forgiving, healing, inspiring, *love*..And Brenda is here to share some Love Lessons with us..

Love Lessons from Groucho the Cat  by Brenda Strausz 

I have always loved Halloween.  I am always excited to see the kids dressed as witches and pirates and princesses and super heroes.  But I have to admit anyone dressed like a black cat got a little bigger handful of candy.
You see, I am in love with black cats.  And I know it is because I had one of the world’s best black cats.  His name was Groucho and he changed my life.
Groucho came into my family’s life grudgingly. He didn’t want us at all. He didn’t want to leave my Uncle’s house with his mom and dad and three kids who adored him.  But because they were moving to a new condo that didn’t allow cats they had to give him up. So we happily adopted Groucho.
Groucho hid from us for days in the basement where I tried to cajole him out with tuna and rare beef.  It was only because my uncle came over with his gravelly voice that he dared to come out of his corner of the basement.  It took time and tenderness but soon enough he became quite comfortable with the four of us.
We hung on his every purr.
Groucho was an awesome addition to our family. When I felt down Groucho was always there allowing me to bury my head in his softness while I cried. His eyes were always understanding never saying, “Don’t you think you are overreacting just a bit?” or “What are you getting so worked up about?” The truth was that there was not a bone of  judgment in his whole furry body.

He loved to be close.  He would get as close as he could and the closer he got the louder his purr. He would look right into my eyes—without blinking. “This is me,” his eyes would say, unafraid that I would see something unlovable there. He was just plain comfortable in his own skin. And he taught me to be more comfortable in mine. 
He always listened with his whole heart, his eyes, his ears. He got me through the death of both my dad and my mother-in-law with his loving presence.
His intuition always led him to hang out with the one of us that needed him the most that day. His warm furriness would make you forget that you had anything to worry about.
Like a child, he did what he wanted to do. He took a shower at least twice a day under an unfixable drip. He curled up in my sewing basket or in my husband’s tennis bag. We were always saying, “Look at Groucho now!”
Groucho aged gracefully. His coat was shiny black until the day the very end.  He moved with elegance and grace– always holding himself like the king he was.  His sparkly green eyes never dulled.  And he still looked you straight in the eye.
I sent a blanket e-mail out the day he died entitled, “Our beloved Grouco”. Letters and cards and donations to animal charities came pouring in. Friends wrote eloquent tributes about him and the neighborhood kids showed up at the door with tears in their eyes.
So many gifts that Groucho gave…unconditional love, the gift of deep listening, the purity of non-judgment, lessons in playfulness, the joy of being yourself and living your life with abandon.
But the greatest gift was yet to come.  Just read on.
I sobbed all day after I had to put Groucho to sleep. I wondered out loud how I could live in the world without him. Crying to the heavens, I begged for a sign that he was okay.  Later, I was sitting outside on the phone crying to a friend when I saw something sparkling in the grass. I leaned over to pick up a translucent green cat’s eye marble– the color of Groucho’s eyes. “It couldn’t be a sign, could it?” I said to my friend.  “Well…” she whispered. “Why not?”
Why not?” I said to myself as I remembered Groucho’s green eyes and how full of love they were. I put the marble on a dish on my window sill.  As I see it sparkling in the sun, I remember the joy he gave us. And I can almost hear him saying from the great beyond, “Wipe your tears. I am not gone. Love never dies. It only changes form. Live fully. Be yourself. Love with your whole heart. Love is all that really matters.”  And this I know is true. And so it is with great love and gratitude that I remember Groucho.
Brenda Strausz is a psychotherapist and coach in the Detroit Metro area. Blending conventional and alternative techniques (Eft, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy) she helps you to get unstuck and live with more ease and joy. She works with clients in person or all over the world by phone or Skype. She can be contacted through her website at or
 ……..*Thank you* Brenda for sharing such a lively story..And my dear readerss..I ask *you*:
 “Why not?” 
 Why not allow the impossible to be so completely possible. your heart to be open to extraordinary, fantastic to be real..Why not allow magic to surround you each and every moment, your vibration level to be so high that external cannot impact you, your faith to be so strong you can leap whenever you choose…”Why Not?”
Much peace,

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