My Heart Space Above the Clouds…


Thank you for visiting my peace filled space!  May Love touch your heart today..

 I believe that my heart space is above the shown in the photos I’ve included here…to get there I turn my mind off and allow my spirit to soar..May you meet me there as you read this piece…

After sharing a bit of my New York experience in my last post, and then reading of the other attendee’s experience in their posts and various comments..I have a few thoughts to share…

My Heart Whispers…

*Thank you* for allowing me to share my heart whispers with you today. 

What was shared together in that conference is what I share here always, in my life always, and with anyone I connect with always..Love..plain and simple.

As I read through some of the pieces, it crosses my mind (turn that mind right off!) that while many of our friends share in our excitement..some may feel excluded.  It is not my intent, nor the intent of the exclude anyone.  My own intent in sharing is to say: here is what I’ve experienced, and I want to include you in Love in whatever capacity you are willing to open your heart to.  I purposely did not include the details of the conference because the details are not necessary to experience the Love..Sometimes we get caught up in details..which then shadows the gift..Love.

There is an open invitation to You, to share in Love. Some of you have never experienced such an invitation.  What does an open invitation mean?  To me, it means that I am put on this Earth to Love.  I Love You.  Simple.  I am Here for You.  Simple.  We may not share the same physical space, but we do share the same heart space.  You may always meet me in that heart space.  The only way that I know to access that heart space is to open my heart.  There is no special key, no special word, no ceremony.  It is my wish that you open your heart and meet me there. 

All One needs to do to experience abundant anything is to open your heart to it.

Many have not felt, received, experienced..Unconditional Love.  It is my heart’s wish to explore this subject with you so that you too may be blanketed in Love and know with certainty that anything truly is possible..

To open your heart requires some feeling of safety, security, Trust.  We shall explore how to build those into daily life so that we may open our heart daily..We do not need to know the How’s, Why’s, What-if’s..we just need to know Love..

If these concepts are part of your daily life, I celebrate that with you!  How fun, how delight filled, how extraordinary!  If these concepts sound foreign to you, I understand..society in general has not yet embraced Love, yet here I am asking you to.  I think that is why it is vital to share examples of daily Love so that we know it is do-able, and that we are not alone in embracing it..

Ask for Love, and you shall receive Love.

Some of you have not yet known Love..some of you feel love then deflect it, some of you live enveloped in amazing grace filled Love..Whatever Life Force guides you..meets you at the exact spot you are in, exactly as you are, no frills necessary.. I understand that it is difficult to ask for what you do not know, and it is difficult for some to ask for more of something wonder filled that you already have. 

Love is unlimited..there isn’t a cap on it, your heart expands to contain all of the Love you allow..and that Love overflows to touch All in your life. 

Love is free.  You do not need to earn it, strive for it, manipulate it, steal it, chase it.. You just need to open your heart to it.  I believe that Love is effortless–if you feel resistance, exhaustion, struggle, that is the opposite of love.  Open your heart a little, Love shall slowly fill the your heart fully, oh man Love just streams right in.  You will know it is there because you will Feel it. 

For this next whisper, I would like to use Simon as an example, because I have personally experienced his work.  I listen as Simon teaches, I watch as Simon heals, and I see the impact this work has on him personally.  As it does on all Light Workers and Healers.  Now, yes, I appreciate this work and I love Simon and our entire community..but it is my heart whisper to eradicate the need for healing.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel such joy, peace, love..that each day may be used to experience Mother Nature and allow her to fold us in and show us delight and laugh no holds barred…to dance and discover and explore..

So, I say let the healers heal (thank you for the miracles you allow for!), but let’s help them out a little but giving them less to work with..By opening our heart to All so that each one of us is blanketed in Love..I’d like the healers to experience a lifetime of just resting in a hammock, basking in the sunshine, gently swaying in the breeze ..and I’d like us to join them there..

May we support Simon and his fellow healers, all of the Light workers and Love sharers.. May we recognize our own individual gifts, use them for the greatest good, and share them generously. 

May we Love our own Beings graciously and compassionately. 

Always Know without a doubt that each ounce of Love shared truly does make a difference..

If I look at the “big picture” I may feel overwhelmed, so may I live one moment at a time..sharing in that moment.. Sometimes when I share Love, I may not see an immediate impact–it is not always for me to see.  Sometimes I plant the seed and others come along after me to nourish it.  It is my pleasure to plant the seed and to know that one day it may blossom.  May I continue to concentrate on growing the good, celebrating the bounty, creating anew…

May I open my Heart fully to Love..And may you join me?

The foundation of my life and this blog is peace..for when I am peace filled I may experience All..The theme of my blog shall be Love..for when I am peace filled, Love flows freely..

As you consider what I’ve shared today, may you allow your heart to open to Love..And May you meet me above the clouds?

Much peace,


  1. #1 by Dawn on October 30, 2010 - 12:32 pm

    Thank you for sharing your love, joy and peace with us!

  2. #3 by Simon Hay on October 30, 2010 - 12:49 pm

    Hi Joy. It looks like I’m first, and I guess that’s no coincidence. A little synchronicity there. Mind you if someone types faster than me I’m in a little bit of trouble. I’d like to retire, and I think my message is that we can heal the environment, each other, and ourselves this instant. Say yes to doing it now. Sadly, a little reality sneaks in, but I know that if we use the examples of potential that manifest with healing then anything is possible. Love is a good place to start. It only takes a moment to see with clear eyes. Thank you for what you’ve just done here. I see you. I’m up for snuggling too. Do you think we can have a snuggling booth rather than a retweet button? When the world doesn’t need me I’ll buy a yacht and we’ll chase sunsets and sunrises together. I love you Joy.

    • #4 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on October 30, 2010 - 1:06 pm

      Hi Simon,
      Looks like you’re second..are you ever second in life??? *grin*
      I’d like you to retire too..Simon and his merry group of retirees:)
      Your message is very clear..we are all healers, yet only some of us recognize I greatly appreciate all that you share..We are One In Love..and *that* is the place to start..Unity..
      We are One in Joy also, but society has yet to recognize that..pure joy, not external, material, manufactured..but Heart Space, Creative, Natural Joy..
      Love, Unity, Joy..
      And yes, I stop and allow each sun rise, each sun set, each moonbeam to touch my heart energy soars with my when you’re no longer “needed” I’m there…
      A snuggling booth has amazing potential…Say Yes and Snuggle with your “people” are loving this:)
      And surely the Universe is smiling:) Thank you for all that you reflect..

  3. #5 by Simon Hay on October 30, 2010 - 12:51 pm

    Dawnnnn! Okay, I’ll be second. I love you too Dawn. Synchronicity, you’re in so much trouble!

    • #6 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on October 30, 2010 - 12:58 pm

      Okay made me laugh out loud..truly…and I needed that because I currently have water streaming inside the boat due to heavy rain and a hatch that I did not laughter is very good!

  4. #7 by Evelyn Lim on November 1, 2010 - 2:08 am

    I was wondering over the lack of details about the conference and then, you explained it. You’ve certainly got a sensitivity that few possess. You should be known as the ambassador of love!!

    Would love to meet you in the clouds someday,

    • #8 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on November 1, 2010 - 2:35 am

      Hi Evelyn,
      Thank you! My smile brightened as I read your words..I think we’ve already met in the clouds:)
      The ambassador of love is my goal..I understand that there are many who have yet to experience Love in the fullest sense..We look for something grand that may seem out of reach..when Love is right here, no frills, available the moment we open our hearts..
      I believe peace is the through peace may we all experience Love..

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