Monday Blessing: Bridges…

Hi!  Thank you for joining me today:)

I realize that time and energy is precious and I very much appreciate all that you share in this space–thank you!

Here is a song that many of you are familiar with…I think the lyrics speak volumes about connections…

May we send love and appreciation to those who touch our lives…and may we be open to sharing our gifts in ways that best touch other’s lives…

You are loved exactly as you are, exactly where you this very moment.  You are absolutely enough, you will always be enough…

I want to share with you a blog post that I found incredibly inspirational.  Alex Blackwell is celebrating the two-year anniversary at his blog “The BridgeMaker” with this extraordinary list of essays A Late-Summer Reading List.  Please take the time to read through each one; inspiring, refreshing, thought-provoking, encouraging.  I am so deeply moved by all that is shared– I wanted you to have the pleasure of the same experience.

My life is as wondrous, big, joy filled as I allow it to be.  When I allow my heart to remain open, I am Aware and am blessed with such poignant reminders of Love and Magic..such as this song, this collection of essays.. 

May the wonder and joy of Life continue to move you toward the life of your dreams..

I have closed the comments today so that you may enjoy reading at Alex’s blog..

Much peace,


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