Fearless Fun Friday: Lessons…

It’s a beauty filled day..thank you for stopping by!

I’m in celebration mode still…perhaps consistently…

I have two things to share with you today…an awesome, inspirational video and a guest post on an awesome, inspirational blog.

*grin* So, perhaps Awesome and Inspirational are my themes today? 

I do believe that each and every moment I make the important choice to embrace or resist…simple as that. 

My choice to embrace leads to ease filled, peace filled, joyfilled moments, strung together to compile my Life. My choice to resist always results in struggle, often coupled with doubt, exhaustion, pain… *I* make the important choice….

Please enjoy the following video, then please join me at Sacred Circle for my post on perspective in “Reflections of the Sky …Lisa’s blog is one that inspires my creativity by encouraging me to try different mediums, to stretch outside of my comfort zone to consider new creative ideas, to embrace “me” as I am and express it in a way true to myself…

Lessons are presented in myriad ways; I choose to embrace fearlessness (Faith) to experience them all so that I may find the joy in each moment as it is presented..Friday or any day:)

Comments are closed here, have an excellent weekend, and please join me at Sacred Circle.

Much peace,




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