Fearless Fun Friday: Celebrate!

This past week, I’ve listened as various friends wrestle with feeling “not enough”, “too vulnerable”, “unhappy with their current stage in life”.  I understand the emotions behind this.  My advice to them, and to everyone else is always the same.  Grow the good.  Allow gratitude to take over your heart–gratitude for all that you *do* have.  What you focus on grows, so if you continue to focus on all that you do not have, feel that you are not, the grey in your day…then you will always have, be, seem not enough to yourself.  *That* is what you will project to the world.

In my own life, I turn my mind off and live through my senses.  Not my thoughts which are fickle, nor my emotions which are uncontrollable, but through my senses which allow me to experience the moment exactly as it is.  My senses allow me to see, hear, feel, taste, smell what is truly there in the moment, not what I wish was there, but what is there. My senses allow me to live mindfully present in the moment.

I challenge you to look into your life and be *thankful* for all that you do have.  The past almost two weeks, I have been quite ill–an upper respiratory infection, a raging fever, whooping cough and laryngitis, and the flu on top of it all.  As  a healer, I understand the mind/body connection so I went about addressing that.  However, there were still days I felt truly miserable.  My children had a few issues they were dealing with, my friends had challenges, my bank account didn’t seem adequate….however…I turned it around, each and every day.  I celebrated being sick because my body was preventing me from going down the wrong path–not necessarily a bad path, but not the right path.  I began each day listing all that I do have.  Even with minimal resources, I was able to loan a friend money, and to prepare dinner for another friend who was feeling displaced.  While I was sick.  I didn’t concentrate on the litany of blah blah blah’s…but rather gave thanks for all of the good…

I told one friend, I woke with a grateful heart and decided to make a day of praise.  I began with my shower, and praise for the steaming hot water, each and every product that I used (because my products enliven my senses), for my body and each part the water streamed over.  Yes, it was a long shower.  And that was only the beginning.  each and every moment after was followed with praise. I felt the abundance around me, appreciated the beauty of my ‘backyard’, made a delicious breakfast for my children….on and on…and I created something new.  I cleaned something that had been dirty for a while and allowed the Energy from that to ricochet throughout each area of my life….The sun came out after 9 straight days of June gloom (heavy fog that just settles into the harbor).  I took that as a sign that I was on the right path.

Look into your life, exactly as it is.  What do you have to celebrate???  Take that and give praise for it.  Gladly.  Throw a party to celebrate all that you are, all that you have in this very moment, exactly as it is.  Let God/the Universe work magic in your clean, empty spaces….Revel in the process.  If you have $15, buy a movie ticket and surprise the mom of a little family waiting in line.  If you have a friend, write them a note thanking them for how they have impacted your life in a positive way. If you have an extra 30 minutes lend it to someone who feels they have no time.  Celebrate, and invite us all to celebrate with you!

The following video is a snippet of a speech by Nick Vujicic Life Without Limbs.  He lives locally, and speaks at my church.  Each time I see him in person, I smile– for he is true joy personified.  He truly loves life, exactly as it is, exactly as he is.  This video came through my email on my day of praise….Talk about Divine timing! May you allow his story to inspire *you* to celebrate….

I have added a new feature to my blog…the joy filled thought of the day.  Each day will contain a new thought…Let’s grow joy together, one moment at a time:)

Much peace,


  1. #1 by Tony Single on June 11, 2010 - 1:04 pm

    Ahhh yes… Nick Vujicic. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing him preach at a friend’s church once. Just an ordinary guy getting on with his life, which is what is so beautiful about him. I was inspired by his story.

    Apparently the Celts used to make a little ritual of every mundane thing as a way to practice gratitude. I like that approach. Very similar to yours, Joy. I will have to start practicing gratitude myself. Now. Not later.

    Thanks for the timely reminder. 🙂

    • #2 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on June 12, 2010 - 3:19 pm

      Thank you for stopping in!
      Attending Nick’s speech is an amazing opportunity…each time I am honored to open my heart and let his words, his inspiration sink in…beauty personified.
      Gratitude is a good resource because as you point out it is available now, in this moment, exactly as you are…we can make the choice to stop right here and find something to be thankful for and watch that gratitude grow and infect the moment with joy…..

  2. #3 by Sulwyn on June 11, 2010 - 5:22 pm

    When I first started to work with Reiki I began a practice of writing 5 things I was grateful for in my journal each night before I went to sleep. It makes a huge difference in my outlook and ability to wake up happy. My Dr. is a little wary, but since it seems to be working as part of my treatment for severe depression she doesn’t say much. I love it when sometimes it is the simple things that can be so profound.

    I’ve seen videos of Nick before, and each time it really grabs me that his outlook can make such a big difference in how he lives. It isn’t the differences I see in our outward, physical appearances – it is the inner light and view that makes us at peace with ourselves. I have so much to learn from people like you and Nick who have learned to see the good around them and in their situations and themselves.

    • #4 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on June 12, 2010 - 3:17 pm

      A gratitude journal is a fantastic tool. Instead of writing it down, I just keep a running stream in my thoughts as I go about each moment of the day. It definitely improves perspective–when your heart is full of happiness and thankfulness, there is no room for pain. Ah yes, you are absolutely correct–the simple things can be most profound–which is why I choose to make enough space for simple to stand out to me….
      Nick is most inspirational. I think because he doesn’t have to describe his grateful heart and spirit, he* lives* it. And that inspires me to *live* it too. Society seems to place value on our external, while a growing number of us are recognizing the value and importance of our internal Light….
      Your heart is open and ready Sulwyn…so keep creating as you are….

  3. #5 by Amy on June 11, 2010 - 5:28 pm

    In early life I went back and forth with being in the moment and appreciating all aspects of my life and believing that there are positive aspects amongst bad times (since life can never be perfect). That is key for me. Now that I am a little older and lot wiser, I can say that appreciating all of my blessings, small and large, really makes life worth celebrating! XOXO

    • #6 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on June 12, 2010 - 3:12 pm

      So nice to see you here–doesn’t count for a *visit* though–LOL:)
      Celebrating life is an excellent idea!!! When you focus on your blessings, you are allowing your heart to overflow with gratitude and creating abundance.
      I love watching you blossom:)

  4. #7 by The Exception on June 11, 2010 - 7:13 pm

    Sometimes it feels easy to get wrapped up in the drama of life or in the emotional – the ability to stop and find a few things to appreciate is a blessing or a gift. I just paid my bills – I have started, once again, sealing the envelopes with gratitude. I am so appreciative for the utilities and the roof over my head etc – sometimes I take them for granted.
    Abundance is something we not only define but create.

    Have a plentiful weekend

    • #8 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on June 12, 2010 - 3:10 pm

      Hi The Exception,
      Ah…drama…I am surrounded by it at work (hospital drama is even far more dramatic than TV portrays!)..and in life…I choose to ignore drama and focus on what is good. I have learned that drama is fear-the bigger the fear, the bigger the drama…so I choose to stand in Faith, grow Faith, focus on Faith…and soon fear has no place. I am responsible for my own thoughts and actions regardless of what is swirling around me.
      Thank you for sharing your bill paying story–I love it! Sealing the envelope with gratitude…I will incorporate that into my life as well. I am appreciative for the resources to pay my bills, but have never thought of such a wonderful opportunity to be grateful for all that my bills represent…in my life– the boat, the car, food, etc…Thank you!

  5. #9 by Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord on June 11, 2010 - 9:24 pm

    That video was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes, and joy to my heart. Thank you, friend!

    And by the way, I’m loving my daily electronic reminders of, “PRAISE what I love! Remember Joy’s story (make it a day of praise and watch all that I love grow Grow GROW!!!)!”

    • #10 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on June 12, 2010 - 3:05 pm

      Hi Megan,
      Each time I hear Nick speak he brings tears to my eyes, joy filled tears. Love plain and simple, pure and true. When Nick talks about he can’t hold his wife’s hand but he *can* hold her heart..wow, just wow! *That* is love Megan, and that is available to us when we allow our hearts to receive it as it is given.
      Yes, my friend, PRAISE what you love….and watch it grow in ways far more magnificent than you can imagine!

  6. #11 by Tess The Bold Life on June 12, 2010 - 2:02 am

    Hi Joy,
    I hope your 100% A-OK today. I have a friend who is in her 70’s and having a very difficult time. I ran into her husband in the store and he wanted me to take her out for coffee. I couldn’t right then but I called and asked her if Roger and I could come visit and we would bring a video. We went the very next evening. In spite of her pain she got all gussied up for our visit. I hope I can be half as lovely as she if ever I’m in her situation.

    Someone also asked for a $500 loan on Wednesday. I gave it without asking questions, she just said she was in trouble. We’re living parallel lives my friend;)
    Take care. xo

    • #12 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on June 12, 2010 - 2:58 pm

      Hi Tess,
      Parallel lives indeed–this could be fun for me then because you *absolutely rock* so then shoot, I’m going to allow myself to absolutely rock as well:)
      My point in sharing my story though was that I originally felt I had ‘not enough’ yet I released those feelings and embraced gratitude which allowed for abundance and I was able to share from *that which I originally perceived as not enough* !!! Amazing what God/the Unvirse can do when I remain open. Amazing.
      Thank you for sharing your inspirational story about your friend. She is perfectly placed in your life to reflect to you that you are already as lovel yas she within your own situations…when we share what we have, we are sharing Light, and receiving Light as well….

  7. #13 by Hilary on June 12, 2010 - 7:16 am

    Hi Joy .. that’s lovely and I’m glad you’re getting through & long may you continue healing yourself until you feel fully better .. I love your approach to life .. all the points you make – but how cleaning something that’s dirty and hanging over us because it needs doing .. will release energy that then spreads .. how true.

    Nick is an amazing man & it must be humbling hearing him talk and being around him – and really good for the kids .. have a good weekend & I hope the sun shines through for you all for a bright summer’s weekend full of sun & warmth .. Hilary

    • #14 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on June 12, 2010 - 2:53 pm

      Hi Hilary,
      Nice to see you:)
      As far as healing…I’m grateful for the ability! I am aware and incorporate all signs into the opportunity to grow and allow my heart to remain most open.
      As far as cleaning, or opening space within my boat/home…I find that anytime I purposely release or transform something less than beautiful to beautiful then that Energy flows throught my entire life. Making space in one area allows me to make space in another area..just a natural flow. I need to make the choice to clean and make space…then the flow begins.
      Nick *is* an inspiring man. I first attended one of his speeches when I was emotionally hurt after being separated from my then husband. Whatever I felt internally, I looked at Nick and realized I have that same Spirit within me, I just need to make the choice to embrace it. We all have that same Spirit, it’s whether or not we choose to embrace it that makes the difference in how we live.
      & much Light to you Hilary 🙂

  8. #15 by Debbie Hampton on June 12, 2010 - 11:57 am

    Beautiful post. Thank you for the reminder to find the joy in everything all around us. Makes me look around right now and see a lot for which I can be grateful. Going to continue all throughout the day! It is going to be a wonderful day!

    • #16 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on June 12, 2010 - 2:37 pm

      Hi Debbie,
      Thank you for stopping in:)
      I *love* your spirit:) Each day has the potential to be absolutely magnificent if we allow it to be. I am glad that you are surrounded by lots that brings you joy..may you continue to notice that abundance and allow your heart to overflow with gratitude…

  9. #17 by Jan on June 12, 2010 - 3:15 pm

    “Grow the good.” This statement of yours will stick with me. I love it, simple and direct and very wise. It matches a quote I posted at my blog today too about choosing.

    And I am glad that you are finally feeling better. The sun does break through …. All love to you!

    • #18 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on June 13, 2010 - 11:00 pm

      Hi Jan,
      “Grow the good” is my life’s motto. I will read your blog post; I have a choice each and every moment..and I choose to live in peace, joy, love, faith….
      The sun always breaks through..I often enjoy the cloudy days, but June gloom can seem to last forever… I personally think we have June gloom to get all of our chores done so we may play guilt free all summer long:)

  10. #19 by Evelyn Lim on June 13, 2010 - 6:57 am

    It is great that you have not only embraced your illness but managed to turn your days around with love and gratitude in your heart. I can certainly learn a lot from you. When I fall sick, I get very unhappy with having to spend time in bed. However, more lately, I find that if I am less resistant to the idea and be more accepting of having to rest, the time flies by much faster. I also end up being more productive.

    Hmm….reading your post has reminded me about someone dear, with whom I had not been spending time with of late. It will be wonderful to spring a surprise, to express my gratitude!

    With thanks and appreciation to who you are,

    • #20 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on June 13, 2010 - 10:57 pm

      Hi Evelyn,
      Because I believe in the mind/body connection, I know when I am sick *that* is a huge sign for me. If I ignore the sign, it just re-occurs until the connection is healed….I do rest because my body needs time to heal, but I also *live* as I heal. That is the best “medicine” for me, to find the joy and let it fill my heart….
      A surprise to your friend sounds absolutely delight filled!
      Thank you….

  11. #21 by Barbara Swafford on June 13, 2010 - 8:23 am

    HI Joy,

    I enjoy writing in my gratitude journal. Like you mentioned, it’s always good to remind ourselves how fortunate we are. And, if we look around, there’s always someone whose problems are much worse than ours. By reaching out to others we may be providing just what they needed at that moment, whether it’s financial help, words of encouragement or even just a smile.

    I’m happy to hear you’re feeling better and the sun is shining on you and in your life. Blessings to you always. 🙂

    • #22 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on June 13, 2010 - 10:54 pm

      Hi Barbara,
      Thank you!
      My gratitude is poignant reminder to me of how full my life truly is and how blessed I truly am. I have learned to take it one step further and allow gratitude to touch my moments as I *live* them..creating abundance with each step:)
      I’ve always felt if I feel I have *not enough* I still have something to share, so I share it….again, creating abundance…
      And a smile..sometimes a smile is the best of all…to give and to receive:)

  12. #23 by Wilma Ham on June 14, 2010 - 2:05 am

    Oh Joy, oh Joy, not enough, that expression should not exist in language, in our mind.
    Not enough when you look at Nick, not enough when you are sick and obviously not rolling in money and yet do what you do.
    Oh Joy, what are we thinking whenever we dare to think these words.
    But I do, I still do in certain areas while in others I too am generous and giving.
    What a message he is giving these young people, oh how beautiful he is and how beautiful you are.
    There is enough love in the world, there is enough love for every one of us, he will have his wife and there is a love for each and every one of us. Much love and joy, and heal well, xox Wilma

  13. #24 by Davina on June 14, 2010 - 5:23 am

    Hi Joy.
    Isn’t it interesting how introspective we become when we are ill? It’s almost like because our body is in a healing mode physically, we start to clear out emotionally and mentally, too. I love how gentle you are being with yourself.

  14. #25 by sheila on June 17, 2010 - 3:59 pm

    I’ve seen this. I also think they did a story on one of those shows like 20/20 or something on him. IT’s very inspirational!

    • #26 by unfoldingyourpathtojoy on June 17, 2010 - 10:22 pm

      Hi Sheila,
      I do believe Nick has been featured on many different programs..I am glad that his message is circulating and touching hearts everywhere…

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