Wisdom Wednesday: A Celebration!

Today’s bit of Wednesday Wisdom is short and sweet.  When you are in the process of creating, moving forward, embracing something new, transforming, allowing…..may you take the time to stop and celebrate your steps.  Give thanks to those who helped, congratulate yourself on what you’ve done so far, show your appreciation for how far you’ve come, revel in the newness, the joy, the fun of it all!!!!  Dance, sing, bring on the balloons, party hats, music, chocolate (definitely chocolate!).  Some people wait until they’ve reached their final goal to celebrate…honestly my final goal is never ‘final’, it morphs as I go, so I’d never get to celebrate if I waited.  I’d like my chocolate as I go:)  So I celebrate the little steps, and today is a celebration at Unfolding Your Path to Joy……

One month ago, I created this blog and in doing so I’ve allowed myself to be guided down a path that is unfamiliar in a direction that is unknown…  Unfolding Your Path to joy is officially one month old…yay!!!  Woo-hoo!

I am taking the time to celebrate this milestone because Unfolding Your Path to Joy is not just a blog, but an overhaul of my own life.  I am embracing a new calling–life coaching according to my principle belief of unfolding and hosting seminars based on living a joy filled life, and Unfolding Your Path to Joy is the name for all of that.  It is the name for the life I’ve chosen to live; for in order to coach and teach, it is my personal goal to focus my energy on peace and joy, to allow faith to guide me, to live my life according to my beliefs–alignment.  So in this past month I have been diligently working on releasing the old, making room for the new, reviewing my principles. 

This blog has opened many doors for me, enabled me to challenge myself in ways I couldn’t have imagined even thirty days ago.  My coaching practice has given me opportunities I didn’t even know existed and I am focusing my energy on allowing the flow to take me, much as when I sail I allow the current to guide me.   I do not know exactly where I am headed, and I truly do not care…this is amazing fun, joy filled, life enriching for me; I am absolutely loving this journey, each and every step! This blog for me is not just words and/or ideas on a page, it is my life to share with you to encourage, inspire, motivate my readers/my blogging friends to embrace each moment in life as it is, to live fully and joyfully, to allow for magnificent surprises from God and the Universe, and to continue to challenge each other to step out in boldness. 

Unfolding Your Path to Joy began with a Monday blessing on Clarity–a gift I am blessed to have as I look within at my own life and outwardly at yours.  I love clarity because I *want* to know; however, some people spend their entire lives always asking then avoiding/hiding/ignoring the Answer. 

I am not about stats at all.  I am about personal connections.  I truly want to *know* you through your comments here on my blog, through your personal emails, and through what you share on your own blog.  Your comments, thoughts, stories, inspire me, encourage me, challenge me, broaden my perspective, make me laugh, make me think…..It is interesting to me then that my highest rated post of the month was one I didn’t want to write.  Yes, you read that right–I didn’t want to write it. Ha–talk about facing your fears!  I thought the idea of a Fearless Fun Friday series would remind us all to have fun, not just run of the mill okay fun, but outrageous fun!!!!  My thought was to recruit guest writers for the series because I wasn’t sure I was qualified to write about “Fearless Fun”..I know how to have fun, I know how to face my fears, but lots of that is almost regular life for me….So, imagine my surprise when my own “Fearless Fun Friday” post was the highest rated post of the month–Fun in the Bathroom Mirror.

In life I absolutely love to host parties..beach barbeques, poolside potlucks, lunch anchored at the islands, bonfires..all kinds of gatherings.  I love bringing a diverse group of people together over a common theme and delicious food or soul touching music, and then sitting back to take it all in.  I love listening to stories, watching people interact, soaking up the laughter, smiles, joy in it all.  It was my goal to try the same kind of thing on this blog by recruiting guest writers.  I have been blessed beyond belief by the ones who have chosen to share their talents within these pages.  My heart overflows with joy at what they share, and at what I learn through the process of remaining as open as possible in blogland.  Here is a list of guest authors in case you missed them– if you click their name, it will bring you to their post:

Jill Badonsky

Joy Tanksley

Evita Ochel

A huge thank you to the three guests who shared their energy with us on this site!

I would like to share with you my personal favorite post of the month : Light. I write each post straight from my heart.  I light candles, send up a request to God/the Universe to allow the most appropriate thought to flow, then I write while listening to my favorite music of the moment.  I wrote this particular post after walking down the dock back to my boat in the evening, while a heavy fog descended upon my harbor.  I felt so in love with my world, with my section of the world, with the life I’ve chosen to embrace.  I wanted to share those feelings with you.  I don’t want you to fear the unknown, I want you to find the perspective within to enjoy it fully.   *That* is what I tried to capture.

To end the month, Lisa presented me with the Life is Good Blogging Award.  Lots of fun to share with you!

And, last, I pushed past my own “little” fears to present to you a personal challenge to myself– a few moments of joy to light your heart Dancing on the Dock.

This entire weekend as I thought of that video and all that it represented to me, my heart overflowed with lots.  Eight months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer; fear coursed through my body–quickly replaced by Faith, a Faith that I nurture and appreciate. Four months ago, I was on the operating table enduring the pain of removing cancerous cells.  I needed that operation, but I also used inner healing methods such as chakra work, yoga, meditation and here I am a few months later still with a few physical limitations, but fully healed with a most deep appreciation and love of the life I live, and ‘dancing on the dock’.  Eight months ago I had no idea how long I would be on this earth ( do we really ever, no, but I had reason to believe my earthly time might be limited) and here I am dancing on the dock!!! Overcome with emotion when I think it, when I write it, when I read it.  There’s no place for fear in my life, there is too much to explore, experience, embrace….

Thank you for joining me as I learn, love, live…..there is much to celebrate!  Today and every single day!

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Much peace…


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